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Supernaturals - Soundcloud Rarities Collection

demos, live sessions, rarities
various dates, venues & sources

FM & soundboard sources (quality range VG to VG++) 
The earlier, goofier days of The Supernaturals. Hearing the grass grow in 1994.
SAMPLE: "Sheffield Song (demo)"

01 Bird Has Flown (Jump The Q, 1995)
02 Sitting In The Sun (Jump The Q, 1995)
03 Love Has Passed Away (Jump The Q, 1996)
They went to VENEZUELA to snap this one.
(OK, not really....)
04 Magnet (Jump The Q, 1996)
05 I Wasn't Built To Get Up
     (GLR Robert Elms Show, Oct. 1997)
06 Motorcycle Parts
     (GLR Robert Elms Show, Oct. 1997) 
07 Trees (Evening Session 97)
08 Glimpse of the Light (Evening Session 97)
09 Let Me Know (Evening Session 97)
10 Love Has Passed Away
     (Evening Session 97)
11 Prepare to Land (Astoria 97)
12 Smile (Astoria 97)
13 Lazy Lover (Astoria 97)
14 Love Has Passed Away (Astoria 97)
15 Day Before Yesterday's Man (Astoria 97)
16 Can't Get Back to Normal
17 Deep In My Heart    
18 Dark Star (instrumental)    
19 Sheffield Song (demo)
20 Motorcycle Parts (piano demo)
21 Please Be Gentle With Me (Phil Vinall version, rough mix)

ROB SEZ: A musical cynic might say Scotland's Supernaturals are a poor man's Teenage Fanclub. But that would be an unfair dismissal of the band's considerable pop charms. Check the sample & decide for yourself. MUCHOS GRACIAS to the band for sharing these.

THE SUPERNATURALS TODAY: still making catchy pop music that's worth hearing.
The Supernaturals:
Derek McManus, James McColl, Gavin Crawford & Mark Guthrie.

The album 360 was released in 2015

Learn more about the music of The Supernaturals at the band's official site, Wikipedia and AllMusic.


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