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Teardrop Explodes - Demos & Outtakes

First album photo shoot, Brian Griffin photo
'The Curate's Egg'
Demos & Studio Outtakes 
various recording dates & sources
c. 1978 - 1982

sound quality range: VG- to VG
Due to the condition of the source tapes, there's some distortion, hiss, etc. But I tidied them up a bit using light noise reduction, channel re-balancing, and modest eq'ing. 
Not pristine by any means, but listenable.

01 Count to Ten (demo)
02 The Challenger (demo)
03 Not My Only Friend (demo)
04 Serious Danger (demo - instrm.)
05 Pussyface (demo - instrm.)
06 The Great Dominions (demo)
07 The Culture Bunker (demo)
08 Flipped Out On LSD (demo - shorter, instrum.)
09 Flipped Out On LSD (demo - long version)
10 The Butcher's Tale (outtake - shorter - instrum.)
11 The Butcher's Tale (outtake - long version - instrum.)  
12 Blaze Star (outtake - brief instrum.)
13 Tiny Children (outtake)
14 Suffocate (outtake)
15 Log Cabin (outtake)

TT: 60 mins.
ROB SEZ: Above are selected tracks from the “Screaming Secrets” vinyl boot + “Demos & Curios” set. To the best of my knowledge, none has ever been officially released. Some sound like demos, others sound like studio outtakes from album sessions. I have reason to believe the last 3 or 4 tracks are from early recording sessions for the projected (but later aborted) third Teardrop Explodes album. 
A “curate's egg”:
noun - something that has both good and bad parts
Derived from a cartoon in Punch (November, 1895) in which a meek curate, who has been served a bad egg while breakfasting with his bishop, replies, Oh no, my Lord, I assure you that parts of it are excellent!

ROB SEZ (AGAIN): for my money, the better parts of this egg are found starting with track 6, in which David Balfe's over-done keyboard parts are balanced out by Cope's voice and other instruments. Have fun being your own curate / curator...

Learn more about the music of TTE 
at Wikipedia and AllMusic


  1. You need something to LOOK AT while you LISTEN, right?

    TEARDROP EXPLODES 1981 Tour Program

    BIG THANKS to the Dave at Fruitier Than Thou, who shared it with the Stupefaction music blog.

  2. Thank you for this. And for caring about the dB's.

    1. You're welcome, Stu. Thanks for the thanks...


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