Tuesday, September 8

Tommy Keene - Demos

Studio Demos
recording location & dates unknown

soundboard recordings (sound quality VG+)

Of course Mick did the artwork; who else would come up with this??
UNDYING THANKS & PRAISE to Mick and Don at the old ASH blog for first sharing these and giving me permission to do the same here.

This is ASH Tuesday post #11. 

Read a most excellent TK retrospective by Tom Warner
Tommy Keene - Laugh In the Dark
the new studio album
BUY the CD or LP from Second Motion (download incl.)
DOWNLOAD the MP3 album from iTunes
STREAM IT at Soundcloud


  1. Thanks again for the great tunes! Already bought "Laugh in the Dark" and it's another wonderful collection from TK - again, he keeps putting out high quality material. Amazing talent! Looking forward to seeing Tommy in Cleveland next Monday.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, binman. Yes, I think TK sounds invigorated on the new album (not "reinvigorated", 'cuz his vigor wasn't diminished to begin with).

      Thanks for helping spread the word...


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