Friday, September 4

The Orchids - Peel Sessions + More

Peel Sessions & More

FM & web streams

sound quality: VG++ (no audio anomalies; enjoy)

ROB SEZ: Couldn't abide having the Orchids represented here with the so-so-sounding share from Tuesday and nothing else. So here's one more that shows off their talents with better sound: 
Peel Sessions + extra goodies. Love John Peel's intro & outro for track 5!!

SPECIAL THANKS to members of the Peel Group for their amazing archival work, to pyrolysebred, and to the Orchids for sharing the remixes and rarities

01 Dirty Clothing (Peel 1990)
02 Frank De Salvo (Peel 1990)
03 And When I Wake Up (Peel 1990)
04 Caveman (Peel 1990)
05 Patience Is Mine (Peel 1994)
06 Waiting Seems Vain (Peel 1994)
07 Bemused, Confused & Bedraggled
     (Hamburg 1991) 
08 Peaches (Hamburg 1991)
09 Back to Your House (Shelter Mix)
10 She's My Girl (remix)
11 And When I Wake Up (Toadhall)
12 The OK Song (B-side version)

01-04 = John Peel session, rec. 1990-04-08 Maida Vale 3, London; first b-cast 1990-05-08
05-06 = John Peel session, rec. 1994-02-24 Maida Vale 4, London; first b-cast 1994-04-09
07-08 = from the sanctioned Sarah Records various artists boot, EEC Punk Rock Mountain 
             (Orchids tracks recorded in Hamburg, Germany on 1991-06-01)
09-10 = unreleased remixes (posted in 2011)
11-12 = outtakes & rarities
The Orchids: still going strong today

The Orchids:
Chris Quinn
James Moody
John Scally
Matthew Drummond
Ronnie Borland


  1. Fancy the rest of that Sarah Artists’ live bootleg, EEC Punk Rock Mountain?

    All right, then. Here ya go (with very special thanks to pyrolysebred).

    Just add the Orchids live tracks from the main post as tracks 7 & 8 (apologies for the weird track numbering; the album is, in fact, complete after you add The Orchids’ two tracks):

    09 The Love of a Sister (St. Christopher)
    10 If I Touch (Gentle Despite)
    11 Major John (The Wake)
    12 Carbrain (The Wake)
    13 Coach Station Reunion (The Field Mice)
    14 Landmark (The Field Mice)
    15 Boyfriend Stays the Same (Heavenly)
    16 Wrap My Arms Around Him (Heavenly)

    all tracks live, various locations, 1991-06-01


  2. It is going to take me a few more days to find the Orchids live stuff I have on disc.

    1. It's all good, Ed. Just give me a shout when you've had a chance to excavate...

  3. Happy to see all this interest in The Orchids, and look forward to seeing some additional live stuff.


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