Friday, September 18

DM3 - Melbourne 2011 + bonus

Dom Mariani Three (DM3)
Melbourne, Australia
Oct. 15, 2011

audience recording (sound quality: VG) 

EXTRA THANKS to SaveStef for sharing

01 Everything That You Told Me
02 She's Fine
03 Speed Freak
04 Show You
05 For Always
06 Know You Now
07 band intros + Please Don't Lie
08 Before You Go
09 Don't Talk About Us
10 Blue Thing (sustained blasts of static)
11 Foolish
12 At First Sight
13 Move Me

14 1 Time, 2 Times Devastated 
Dom Mariani: more rock than jangle
15 Show You (acoustic)
16 Take It All (live)
17 Soultop (live)
18 Blue Thing (live)
19 Foolish (live)

TT: 82 mins.


[sound quality is VG+ or better]
14-15 = HMV in-store live session (undated)
16 = TV appearance (no other info provided); initial, brief distortion from old video tape
17 = "Telethon" TV show, Perth, AUS 1993
18-19 = Roskilde Festival, Denmark 1994
(these 2 are NOT on the live CD from this gig)
Read more about the music of DM3 at AllMusic, Dom Mariani's web site and/or Wikipedia 


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