Tuesday, September 15

Dom Mariani - Radio Broadcast 2006

radio broadcast
2006 (?)
date & venue unknown

FM recording (sound quality Ex-) 

01 Girl Soul
02 Homespun Blues
03 Don't Talk About Us
04 Everything That You Told Me
05 Second Floor
06 Foolish
07 1 Time, 2 Times Devastated

ROB SEZ: This is Dom Mariani week at the blog; a related post is coming Friday. Dom is a living legend in Australia; give a listen & find out why...

REPERCUSSION: Dom Mariani collaborated many times with Mitch Easter, who produced recordings by The Someloves, The Orange Humble Band and DM3.

DON SAID: The storming Dom Mariani and a cracking 27 minute live set. It sounds remarkably like the Los Concertios De Radio 3 TV Broadcast from 3 June 2006, but that was TV and the sound here is a bit better. Also "1 Times, 2 Times, Devastated" wasn't broadcast on that show, but the rest of the setlist is the same. I'm certain it's a Rippled Souls set, too much of a coincidence for it not to be. It's more likely a Radio Broadcast from the same time. Outstanding Jingle Jangle!


This is ASH Tuesday post #12.
Continued thanks to Don and the crew from the old ASH blog (R.I.P.)

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  1. compare & contrast, anyone??

    Dom Mariani & The Rippled Souls - Los Conciertos de Radio 3
    RNE studios, Madrid, Spain, June 2, 2006

    THANK YOU to Blueheadflame for sharing

    The date given is when this was broadcast as part of "Los Conciertos de Radio 3" on TVE2, Spain.

    1 Girl Soul
    2 Homespun Blues
    3 Don't Talk About Us
    4 Everything That You Told Me
    5 Second Floor
    6 Foolish




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