Friday, September 25

Shilohs - International Appeal

Rarities comp
various dates & venues (2012-2014)

soundboard, FM & audience recordings (sound quality: variable, VG to VG++)

Sunny Sunday afternoon: The Shilohs
ROB SEZ: The Shilohs are based in Vancouver, Canada. I’m guessing they took their name from an early Gram Parsons combo. This band’s sound certainly has some GP echoes, but their studio recordings also reflect an appreciation for The Beatles and The Kinks. Meanwhile, band member Daniel Colussi says the group is “trying to exorcise the ghosts of Glen Campbell, Lou Reed and Paul McCartney ... with some backbeat.” Spin described their first album as a “delicious bit of Big Star-informed, Feelies-indebted pop.”

SAMPLE: "International Appeal" (live in Vancouver)

A band's gotta eat. Big night out for The Shilohs...

01 International Appeal (demo)
02 Get Ready Now (live)
03 Queen Light Queen Dark 
     (Daytrotter session)
04 Palm Readers (live acoustic)
05 Sisters of Blue (live acoustic)
06 Down at the Bottom 
     of Bottomland (live acoustic)
07 On the Beach (live in-store)
08 English Roads (live in Vancouver)
09 International Appeal 
      (live in Vancouver)

     NOTE: details re: venues & dates can be found in the comment file tags
Nobody (except The Shilohs) knows the diners they've seen...

The Shilohs’ EP & two full-length albums are available
at Light Organ Records as well as Bandcamp.
Here's a link to their video 'English Roads' and a recent interview. 
Their FB page says they did some recording this summer for a 
yet-untitled album. I say: bring it! 

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