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Pugwash - Live 2012 (Dublin + London)

Dublin, Ireland
June 22, 2012

audience recording (sound quality VG+; Whelan’s is a classic Irish pub and a great place to see a show; the atmospherics of this recording reflect these qualities)

BIG-TIME THANKS to kagee1, who did the usual excellent job of taping, transferring and sharing (thanks also to Philippe for sharing the set from London, Nov. 2012)
Pugwash: pooling their resources, somewhere in California...

ROB SEZ: I caught Pugwash live on the current tour and can say confidently that if you go, you will experience a very enjoyable show: sharp music and hilarious, Monty Python-esque banter with the band & audience. For my taste, the new album might be a bit over-baked in places, but still boasts a handful of soon-to-be classic tunes.

Catch Pugwash on their N. America tour - NOW!
01 intro, tuning
02 Be My Friend a While
03 Apples
04 Dear Belinda
05 Answers On a Postcard
06 What's On My Mind*
07 Fall Down
08 It's Nice to Be Nice
09 I Can Hear the Grass Grow 
     (Move cover)

10 There You Are
11 Finer Things In Life
12 The Age of Revolution^

Tracks 10-12 = 229 The Venue, Venue 1, London, UK 2012-11-09 (Acid Jazz Records Silver Jubilee Weekend)

*Saville tune dedicated to Andy Foster of Reekus Records. Andy passed
away suddenly the previous week.

^Duckworth Lewis Method song

If you're much of a Pugwash fan, you owe it to yourself to 
find the bonus tracks that accompany this post
(they're — um, oh ... somewhere around here) 

Thomas Walsh – vocals, guitar
Tosh Flood – guitar, keyboard, vocals
Shaun McGee - bass
Joey Fitzgerald - drums

NEW ALBUM, out now: Play This Intimately...
Get it from Omnivore Recordings, purveyor of great music


  1. Duckworth Lewis Method

    Phathom Radio 105 FM
    Dublin, Eire
    March 3, 2010

    FM capture to analog (sound quality VG+)

    01 Phathom FM interview
    02 Meeting Mr. Miandad
    03 outro

    Choice Music Awards
    Today FM 101.9
    March 12, 2010

    04 Best Album Award intro
    05 The Age of Revolution
    06 MC intro
    07 Meeting Mr. Miandad
    08 outro
    09 interview

    Duckworth Lewis Method: Thomas Walsh & Neil Hannon

    NOTE: there’s some short-lived distortion on track 5, before & after the 1:00 mark

    THANKS to the tapers, sharers and special thanks to Philippe!


  2. kagee1 is a he. whelans is the best venue in dublin

    1. No kidding! Dude looks like, um ... not a dude in the profile photo.

      Apologies, kagee1. You rule!

  3. Hi

    Thanks for this!!


    Robert Pally

    1. You bet, Robert; my pleasure. There's another Pugwash live post here from a little while back you might want to find....


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