Tuesday, September 1

The Orchids – Live 2014 + bonus

'My Secret World' / Sarah Records Artists Show
Arnolfini Gallery
Bristol, UK
May 3, 2014

audience recording (in mono - sound quality VG-)  

My only misgiving about this one is that the taper apparently was trying to save memory or battery power, 'cuz every track is faded in & out, and a few seconds are missing at the start & end of several tracks; otherwise, it's a fun listen.

ROB SEZ: Bringing you another little-known UK indie pop outfit with significant merit. Not technically an ASH post because the old ASH blog is not the source of these tracks. However, it was Don & Co. that turned me onto The Orchids, so it's a fitting ASH Tuesday share. The Orchids' recorded output is high quality stuff. Enjoy!
The Orchids in the 1990s. SHOULDA BEEN HUGE...

01 A Place Called Home
02 Lovechild
03 Between Sleeping 
     and Waking 
04 What Will We Do Next?
05 Women Priests & Addicts
06 Peaches
07 Blue Light
08 Apologies
09 Something for the Longing
10 Caveman
11 (Xmas Party '91 first trk)
12 (Xmas Party '91 second trk)
13 Tiny Words
14 The Coolest Thing
15 Peaches
16 Apologies
17 It's Only Obvious

TT: 55 minutes

Notes for tracks 11-17:
(bonus tracks; all aud. recordings)
11-13 = Sarah Records Xmas Party, The Thekla, 
             Bristol, UK Dec. 1991 (song titles 
             for 11 & 12 unknown)
14 -15 = The Bowery, London, UK 2011-05-11
16 = Bush Hall, Shepherd's Bush, 
        London, UK 2010 -11-12
17 = Madrid Popfest, Spain, 2011-03-11

SPECIAL THANKS to Country Mile for posting the 2014 set. Thanks also to Season Records, String Bean Jen, and others for the additional tracks.

This is ASH Tuesday Post #10.

The Orchids:
Chris Quinn
James Moody
John Scally
Matthew Drummond
Ronnie Borland

Read more about The Orchids at Wikipedia. Comprehensive band bio can be found HERE.

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  1. If you like the Orchids check out the Sea Urchins and Field Mice both of the late great Sarah Records.


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