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Don Dixon, M. Crenshaw, etc. - Boulder, CO 1992 (sbd)

'In Their Own Words' 
The Fox Theater
Boulder, CO
May 28, 1992

soundboard recording (quality: VG; sounds like a 2nd- or 3rd-generation tape source)
The greatness of Don Dixon extends all the
way down to his Chuck Taylors...

01  Cheap Chatter (cuts in)
03  Walkin' Around *
04  If She Knew What She Wants + 
05  Your Man of Steel ^
06  [untitled, unfinished song]
08  Someday Someway *
09  Much Too Much +
11  Darlene ^
12  Borrowed Time
14  Your First Love *

01  If We Never Meet Again +
02  Hometown ^
03  Renaissance Eyes (fades in)
05  (You're My) Favorite Waste of Time *
06  All Through the Night +
07  Rain Just Falls ^
08  Dark End of the Street 
10  Julie *
11  Love Hurts +
12  Didn't He Know? ^

Don Dixon (no symbol)  *Marshall Crenshaw
+Jules Shear   ^David Halley
(James McMurtry also performed, but his performances & comments are not included here. This explains the funky numbering: McMurtry's stuff would've appeared where numbers have been skipped.)

ROB SEZ: I usually don't go in for a lot of chit-chat between songs, but I'll make an exception for talent like Marshall Crenshaw, Don Dixon & Jules Shear. Each singer takes the lead on 5 of his own songs or a choice cover, and much of the talk about songs & song-writing is a pleasure to hear. MEGA THANKS to lilpanda for another of his extraordinary shares. (Don Dixon & Marti Jones fans take note: be sure to poke around a bit for the bonus share.)


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  1. BONUS SHARES? Oh yeah.

    Don Dixon
    VPRO Studio
    Hilversum, The Netherlands

    FM recordings shared by frankvink (quality: VG+)

    01 Swallowing Pride
    02 Dreams to Remember
    03 Inside These Arms (announced as "Untitled")


    Marti Jones
    Mountain Stage
    Culture Center
    Charleston, W.V.
    Nov. 23, 2014
 (broadcast Dec. 2014)

    soundboard recording (sound quality VG+)

    "Lovely As the Day Is Long"
    "Orphan On the Beach"
    "Heart and Bone"
    "Keep It to Yourself"



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