Friday, June 22

Real Estate - Iowa City, IA 2015 + SxSW 2017

Mission Creek Music Festival 
The Englert Theatre
Iowa City, Iowa
April 2, 2015
soundboard-audience matrix recording (quality: Ex-)
SAMPLE: "Crime" (live, Iowa City 2015) 

01 intro
02 Kinder Blumen 
03 Had to Hear
04 Suburban Dogs
05 Crime
06 Municipality
07 The Bend
08 It's Real
09 April's Song
10 Beach Comber
11 Easy
12 Younger Than Yesterday
13 Talking Backwards
14 All the Same
15 encore break
16 How Might I Live?
17 Green Aisles
Waterloo Records
SxSW Festival
Austin, TX
March 17, 2017 
FM recording
(sound quality: VG++) 
01 Saturday
02 Stained Glass
03 Holding Pattern
04 Green Aisles
05 Had to Hear
06 Darling
07 Serve the Song
ROB SEZ: When Real Estate started getting noticed 6 or 7 years ago, I didn't buy the hype. But the band's music has come into its own more recently, and I think Real Estate now deserves all the praise it's getting. If you like dreamy, somewhat folky jangle pop that's well-played & sung, check out Real EstateThe Iowa City recording was shared by cyfan, and klasw gets the praise for the SxSW recording. Thank you both.
Learn more about Real Estate's music 
at the band's official site, AllMusic & Wikipedia

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