Friday, June 15

Pillbugs (Mark Mikel) - Live & Rare 2002-2012

Live & Rare 2002-2012
various locations, dates, recording info 

soundboard & audience recordings
(quality range: VG to Ex-)

SAMPLE: "Comburda" (live NYC 2002)

01 The World's Most Harmless Villain (live)
02 Comburda (live)
03 Peasant Girls (live)
04 All In Good Time (live)
05 Charlie Blue Car (live)
06 Pretend You're 
     Not Home (live) 
07 And the Days Go By (live)
08 And the Days Go By (demo)
09 Alluring Martha (demo)
10 Closer (studio demo)
11 One Slummy Day
12 When She's Gone
13 Sweet Girl
14 The Future of 
     Computers (live)
15 Out In the Midnight Rain (live)
16 Son of Shirley (live)
17 The Kick-Around Boy (live)

01-06 = Arlene's Grocery, New York, N.Y. Dec. 2002 
(Int'l Pop Overthrow Fest)
07 = Mark Mikel & Sono Novo Chamber Ensemble, 
Trinity Episcopal Church, 2011-05-21
08 = Mark Mikel demo (undated - 
special thanks to adamic for sharing)
09 = song & demo by Mark Kelley, with 
Mark Mikel and Dan Chalmers
10 = with false starts, live in the studio 2004 
11-13 = Mark Mikel recordings, undated (special 
thanks to adamic for sharing)
14 & 15 = Live on 'The Man Cave' 
with Jeff Lamb 2012-04-08
16 & 17 = Arlene's Grocery, New York, N.Y. Aug. 2004

ROB SEZ: This is a collection of latter-day Pillbugs & Mark Mikel live & rare tracks I put together recently. The first 6 are from the band's performance at the 2002 International Pop Overthrow in NYC, and were recorded with multi-track recording gear: they sound amazing. If you like your rock & pop with a psychedelic edge, check out The Pillbugs and Mark's solo releasesPARTICULAR THANKS to Mark & The Pillbugs for generously sharing so many ROIOs over the years.

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