Tuesday, May 29

The dB's + Mitch Easter @ W-S Music Extravaganza

The dB's, Mitch Easter, Don Dixon perform 
at Winston-Salem Music Blowout
'Yesterday's Tomorrow'
The Ramkat
Winston-Salem, N.C.
May 12, 2018

Pictures worth at least a thousand words:
(l-r) Mitch Easter, Bob Northcott, Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey — Rittenhouse Square
Holsapple, Stamey & Dixon performing May 12 in Winston-Salem

IMAGINE: The dB's, Let's Active, Don Dixon, Sneakers, Little Diesel, Sacred Irony, Rittenhouse Square and lesser-known (!) N.C. bands performing in one place on one big night of nostalgia-inducing music. It happened on May 12 at The Ramkat in Winston-Salem.

Our friend Larry T. was there, and reported it was "amazing". He shot some videos, which he kindly shared (see below). At some point, I hope to be able to share additional music from the night, once the requisite permissions are in hand.

For now, please enjoy these two video souvenirs, courtesy of Larry T.

Little Diesel - Kissy Boys (May 2018)

Let's Active - Every Word Means No (May 2018)


  1. This is frankly amazing.
    Reading the Stamey book now, buy it!

    1. Totally agree re: the new book. Engrossing in the best possible sense of the word...

  2. The Rittenhouse Square mini LP!

    The music Peter & Chris hoped you'd never hear -- grab it now! This comment & link will disappear very soon without warning:


  3. very much enjoyed the videos and lagniappe! Thanks


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