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Cosmic Rough Riders - Live 2001 + 2004

Reading Festival, UK
Photos of Cosmic Rough Riders in Stoke, 2003 by Marg B
Aug. 24, 2001

FM recording (sound quality: VG+) 

01 Melanie
02 Pain Inside
03 Charm
04 Country Home (Neil Young cover)
05 Gun Isn't Loaded
06 Revolution (In the Summertime)
07 Sometime
08 Loser
This appearance features band founder Daniel Wylie on lead vocals and guitar

SAMPLE: "Revolution (In the Summertime)" live in 2001

'Morning Becomes Eclectic'
KCRW live session
Village Recorders
Santa Monica, CA 
Aug. 3, 2004

(sound quality: Ex-) 

01 Justify the Rain
02 Sunrise
03 She's Never Around
04 Life In Wartime
05 For a Smile
06 The Need to Fly
07 Because You
08 Interview with Nic Harcourt

Musicians (KCRW session 2004)
Stephen Fleming - lead vocals & guitar  
James Clifford - bass & backing vocals
Mark Brown - drums, mandolin, & vocals
Paul Docherty - guitar & backing vocals

ROB SEZ: Cosmic Rough Riders — wow! Daniel Wylie and collaborator Stephen Fleming took the basic sounds of 1970s West Coast pop & rock (think Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, The Byrds) and added terrific melodies and a Glasgow point of view. What they created in the late 1990s was worthy of much broader acclaim & fame than they actually found. In 2002, musical differences prompted Wylie to leave the band to pursue a solo career. The group kept on with Fleming becoming lead vocalist and chief songwriter. Eventually, amends were made. By 2015, the group released an album credited to "Daniel Wylie's Cosmic Rough Riders." There's precious little live material by CRR in circulation, so please enjoy these and the mystery bonus share. Kudos to Klasw for sharing the Reading 2001 live set & to KCRW for the 2004 session.
Scenery for Dreamers is the latest studio offering by Cosmic Rough Riders
You can find it at iTunes, Amazon & 7 Digital
Learn more about Cosmic Rough Rider's music at 

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  1. Cosmic Rough Riders
    A Collection of Live Tracks

    various dates & venues

    01 What's Your Sign (live at Tower Records)
    02 Baby, You're So Free (live at Tower Records)
    03 Country Home (Neil Young cover)
    04 Revolution (In the Summertime)
    05 Because You (T In the Park 2005)
    06 Stay My Friend (demo)

    01-03 = unknown date / city (credit to brownhair)
    04 = Top of the Pops 2001 (credit to NottsUK)
    05 = lacks Daniel Wylie - credit to GS
    06 = rare track, given away with first copies of "Chrome Cassettes" (credit to Mind the Gap)



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