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Felt - Oporto, Portugal 1988 (aud)

Teatro Rivoli
Oporto, Portugal
April 1, 1988

Dream Remaster by Colin 

audience recording (sound quality: VG-; there's distortion, but fairly decent instrumental separation + an extremely enthusiastic crowd)

SAMPLE: "Stained Glass Windows In the Sky" (live 1988)

Felt's Lawrence (rt.) & guitarist Maurice Deebank
The were the band in the early years

01 The Old Man Down the Road
      (J. Fogerty cover)
02 Walking Under a Spell
      (Weather Prophets cover)
03 Grey Streets
04 I Will Die With My Head In Flames
05 Stained-Glass Windows In the Sky
06 She Lives by the Castle
07 Ape Hangers
08 Tuesday's Secret
09 How Spook Got Her Man
10 Don't Die On My Doorstep
11 Primitive Painters
12 Outdoor Miner (Wire cover)
13 Bitter End
14 The Final Resting of the Ark
15 Sapphire Mansions
16 The Old Man Down the Road [reprise]
17 Primitive Painters [reprise]

ROB SEZ: Here's another collaboration with Colin from the Dream Remaster blog. Colin did his best with iffy-sounding files, which came courtesy of ziggyswoon & DarkCircleRoom. When you hear the somewhat distorted sound, just know it was worse before Colin worked his magic — thank you, kind sir! Check out Colin's blog to hear more of his remastering work. There are precious few Felt bootlegs out there, so I wanted to share this one in the best-possible sound quality. For this gig in Portugal, Felt prepared its usual brief setlist, but was surprised when the promoter insisted they continue playing after just 30 minutes on stage. This explains the repetition of songs at the end of the show.

Learn more about Felt's music at Trouser PressWikipedia
AllMusic & this fab fan site


  1. MORE RARE FELT? Yep; got that.

    Felt - Tracks from Disc 4 of the Box Set

    01 Something Sends Me to Sleep [alt. 7-inch version]
    02 My Face Is On Fire
    03 Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow (demo)
    04 Sunlight Strings
    05 Red Indians [single version]

    Felt - More Rarities from xyztribute site

    01 Buried Wild Blind
    02 Candles In a Church
    02 Cathedral (re-recorded version)
    03 Crucifix Heaven
    04 Dance of Deliverance
    05 Female Star
    06 Fire Circle
    07 Fortune (re-recorded version)
    07 Now Summer's Spread Its Wings Again
    08 Tuesday's Secret

    MP3 (various bit rates):

  2. Still i prefer the original transfer with all the flaws. To me this sounds too bloated. It is nice to have more bass but the drums are much more present and muffle things a bit. Good effort still.


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