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Even - Live at The Wireless & Elsewhere

'Live at The Wireless' (& Elsewhere)
Triple J Radio, Sydney, Australia 
various dates & locales

FM, soundboard & webstream recordings (sound quality VG+ to Ex-)

Even's main dude, Ash Naylor, making waves again...
01 Shining Star (live at The Wireless)
02 Stop and Go Man (live at The Wireless)
03 Life Gets In the Way (live at The Wireless) 
04 Black Umbrella (live at The Wireless)
05 Underwater Dream (live)
06 No Surprises (live)
07 Little Red Taxi (live)
08 Getting By (live)
09 Waiting for You (live)
10 Rock 'n' Roll Save My Life (live)
11 Sandymen Blues (live)

Track Notes
01-04 = undated sessions, "Live at The Wireless", 
             Triple J Radio, Sydney
05 = Live at ABC, Sydney - Oct. 1998
06-08 = Esplanade Hotel, Melbourne - March 1999
09 = audience rec., Woodfest, Yorkshire, UK 
        June 2013
10 = Ash Naylor fronting Rockwiz house band 
        Sept. 12, 1998
11 = Corner Hotel, Melbourne - Aug. 1998

SAMPLE: "Black Umbrella" (live at The Wireless)

Live in Melbourne
2009 & 2010

audience recordings (sound quality GD+ to VG-; club shows recorded on average-quality equipment. Sound-wise, there's nothing awful & nothing really great, either.)

LOOK! It's those shy guys from Even, hiding on the couch...
01 Back to Life
02 Black Umbrella
03 Shining Star
04 Rags
05 The Fool Who Made You Sad
06 Sister Rock
07 Stupid Dream
08 End to End
09 I Walk On
10 In Another Time
11 Watching My Door
12 Coming Back to Earth
13 Candle
14 Rock and Roll Save My Life
15 Kommercial Radio
16 Life Gets In the Way
17 We Are the Purple Nazz
18 mystery bonus track

NOTE: Most of the above are taken from Even’s "Sweet Sixteen" show, The Hifi Bar, Melbourne, May 21, 2010 as well as "Christmas Even" shows, December 2009 & December 2010. This one's for fans who want to hear a full-length live show; the better-sounding Triple J Radio set above is intended for the curious and new fans. Special thanks to Triple J Radio, zombos, peterdaicosisgod, baudmania & Even Addict for recording & sharing.
EVEN (L-R): Wally Kempton, bassist; Matt Cotter, drummer; Ash Naylor, guitarist + lead vocalist
ROB SEZ: I love — I mean LOVE — this criminally under-appreciated Australian band. If you like classic-sounding rock with pop melodies & strong lyrics (think mid-to-late 1960s era Kinks, Beatles & The Who), you owe it to yourself to check out Even. The Ash Naylor fronted, Melbourne-based trio have been around since 1994. They're still plugging along today, without the popular recognition they richly deserve. If you like what you hear, check out all their albums, especially 1998's Come Again — which is at least nine tenths of a masterpiece. It's a shame the fans have to look so hard for decent-sounding live sets by this band. Can you hear us, Rubber Records and El Reno? If you release a good-sounding live recording by this band, people like us will buy it.

MP3@320 (Live in Melbourne set = 256 kbps)
Learn more about Even's music at


  1. Even
    Even’s Rarest
    B-sides, demos, etc.
    (none commercially available)

    On Time
    What's Going Down
    Shakin' Street (MC5 cover)
    Last One (instrum.)
    One More Time (demo)
    Are You Happy Now (demo)
    A Spaced Oddity (instrum.)
    Reprise (instrum.)
    Beverly Drive
    Show Me Some Discipline (Sunnyboys cover)
    Porpoise Song (Monkees cover)

    (detailed info for each track can be found in the Comment file tags)


  2. Awesome mate! Thanks so much. There are a few treasures there I didn't have. Shared your blog to some other EVEN fans.


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