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Blue Aeroplanes - Birmingham, UK 2017

Hare & Hounds
Kings Heath
Birmingham, UK 
Jan. 19, 2017

audience recording (sound quality: VG++; simply an excellent recording)

The Blue Aeroplanes: still killing it in their live shows, according to lucky U.K. fans...

SAMPLE: "Yr Own World" (live 2017)

01 stage entrance
02 Dead Tree! Dead Tree!
03 Yr Own World
04 Retro Moon
05 Looking for X's On a Map
06 Sweet Like Chocolate
07 What It Is
08 Missy Lane
09 Oak-Apple Day
10 Walking Under Ladders for a Living
11 Elvis Festival
12 Nothing Will Ever Happen In the Future  
13 Skin
14 Jacket Hangs
15 ...And Stones
16 Here Is the Heart of All Wild Things
17 pre-encore break
18 Fun
19 I Wanna Be Your Lover (Dylan cover)
20 Poetland
21 encore break
22 Breakin' in My Heart
TT: 93:10 mins.
BA's most recent studio release

ROB SEZ: Bristol's Blue Aeroplanes are a good example of a great band that's been making music for so long, they're easily overlooked. "Are they still around?" ask would-be fans. "Are they any good this many years later?" My answers: Yes, and YES, absolutely! Jangly rock + strong songs + poetic sensibility = compelling music. Gerard Langley & co. released a new studio album, Welcome, Stranger! in 2016 — featured prominently in this show. Check the sample and you'll hear a band in excellent form. MEGA THANKS to auto_pilot for recording & sharing this show and the one from 2013 shared here a few days ago. Don't miss the not-very-hidden bonus share, a full-length FM recording from 1990.


WAV lossless files

Learn more about the Blue Aeroplane's music at the band's official site, FB page and Wikipedia.


  1. Blue Aeroplanes
    Music Hall
    Koln, Germany
    May 8, 1990

    FM or soundboard recording (sound quality Ex-)

    01 Razorwalk
    02 The Applicant
    03 What It Is
    04 Jacket Hangs
    05 Love Come Round
    06 Careful Boy
    07 88 Out
    08 Lover and Confidante
    09 Weightless
    10 ...And Stones
    11 Different Now
    12 I Wanna Be Your Lover (Dylan cover)
    13 Bury Your Love Like Treasure (Tom Verlaine cover)
    14 Breaking In My Heart
    15 Sweet Jane
    16 Color Me (acoustic) - bonus track from unknown live session

    TT: 67:35 mins.

    TREMENDOUS THANKS to the taper and sharer!

    For this performance, the Blue Aeroplanes were:
    Gerard Langley (vocals)
    Max Noble (electric guitar)
    Angelo Bruschini (guitar, backing vocals)
    Rodney Allen (guitar, vocals)
    Andy McCreeth (bass)
    Alex Lee (guitar, backing vocals)
    John Langley (drums, percussion, backing vocals)
    Wojtek Dmochowski (dangerous polish dancing!)



  2. Fabulous, thank you

  3. Hey Rob. Thought this might interest you. I luckily stumbled upon the video in someone's playlist. The video is set to unlisted so you wouldn't see if searched. It's from 2016 prior to the release of Welcome, Stranger!

    1. Thanks a bunch -- looks tasty!


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