Tuesday, July 25

Blue Aeroplanes - Birmingham, UK 2013

Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath  
Birmingham, UK
Dec. 5, 2013

audience recording (sound quality: VG+; very good-sounding club show, with just the right amount of crowd noise to put you in the room)

SAMPLE: "Jacket Hangs" (live 2013)

01 Action Painting
02 Broken & Mended
03 Detective Song
04 Veils of Colour
05 Looking for X's
06 Tolerance
07 Top of the Pops
08 Fun
09 ...And Stones
10 ...And Stones (again, briefly) 
11 You (Are Loved)
12 Walking Under Ladders
13 Lover & Confidante
14 Jacket Hangs
15 Bury Your Love Like Treasure
16 encore break
17 Yr Own World
18 6-5
19 Breaking In My Heart

TT: 81:44 mins.

The Blue Aeroplanes:
Gerard Langley - vocals
John Langley - drums
Mike Youe - guitar, vocals
Bec Jevons - guitar, vocals
Gerard Starkie - guitar, vocals
Chris Sharp - bass, lead vocals on Fun
Wojtek Dmochowski - dancing


ROB SEZ: The Blue Aeroplanes are a perfect fit for this blog: massively talented, but overlooked by too many. If Gerard Langley's beat poet sensibility and talk-singing style is off-putting to some music fans, I say it's their loss. SPECIAL THANKS to auto_pilot for recording & sharing. I'll have an even longer BA post Friday, so come back soon. Psssst: check the comments section for a cool bonus AND TO LEAVE A COMMENT! ("subtle" hint)...


  1. Blue Aeroplanes
    BBC 6 Music
    Live Session and interview with Marc Riley
    London, UK
    Aug. 21, 2012

    webstream (sound quality VG++)

    01 And Stones
    02 My Old Haunts
    03 Oak Apple Day
    04 Marc Riley interview (all segments)

    A truly splendid-sounding live set by Blue Aeroplanes in fine form. BIG THANKS to Tarquin Live for sharing. Check back in a few days for more…



  2. Excellent, well done you (please upload any more Planes Live stuff)

    1. You're welcome. Check back on Friday for more...


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