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Paul Collins' Beat - Live in Spain (etc.) 2006

Live in Spain & Elsewhere
Radio 3, Spain
Oct. 13, 2006
(+ other venues, various dates 1979-2015) 
soundboard, FM & audience recordings
     (sound quality: VG to Ex-)
SAMPLE: "Helen" (live in 2006)

01 More Than Yesterday (live in Spain)
02 Rock 'n' Roll Shoes (live in Spain)
03 All Over Town (live in Spain)
04 Will You Be a Woman (live in Spain) 
05 Afton Place (live in Spain)
06 Helen (live in Spain)
07 I'm On Fire (live in Spain)
08 Flying High (live in Spain)
09 What's a Girl Like You Doing
      (live at iPop)
10 Dance Dance (live in Spain)
11 Baby, I'm In Love with You
      (live in Italy)
12 Workin' Too Hard (live in Italy)
13 Kids Are the Same (live in France)
14 Rock 'n' Roll Girl (live in San Diego)
15 Falling In Love With Her (live in NYC)
16 You Won't Be Happy (live in Norway)
17 Walking Out On Love (live in Norway)
18 Rock 'n' Roll Girl - U.S.A. -
     Walking Out On Love (live in Stockholm)
19 Look But Don't Touch (live in 
      San Francisco)

01-08 = Radio 3 (Spanish TV) 2006-10-13
             (BIG THANKS to kigonjiro & angelo)
09 = iPop - TVE2, Spanish TV 2006
             (thanks to kigonjiro)
10 = Live in 1985 on Spanish TV
11-12 = T.U.P. Studio, Brescia, Italy 2013
13 = Espace Leo Ferre, Brest, FR 2015-04-22
14 = Til-Two Club, San Diego, CA 2014-06-13
15 = Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 2013-07-06
        (thanks to madrobotfan)
16-17 = House of Rock, Moss, Norway 2013
        (#16 with Vibeke Saugestad)
18 = South Side, Stockholm, Sweden 2013
19 = Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA 1979-09-12 (teaser from Burger Records' tape "Live 1979")

ROB SEZ: There's nothing like working up one of these posts to appreciate the life of a professional musician. Starting out as The Beat in the late 1970s, Paul Collins and his collaborators have been at it for nearly 40 years. In the past decade or so, Paul and the Paul Collins' Beat have released many albums' worth of new and archival material. As today's post illustrates, he's also toured extensively in the U.S. and elsewhere. This collection features a beautifully-played, great-sounding live set from 2006 for Radio 3 in Spain. The other 11 tracks are a miscellany of the best-sounding live material I could find. VERY SPECIAL THANKS to kigonjiro, angelo, Paul Collins, and everyone else who shared these live tracks.
Learn more about the music of Paul Collins at 
his official site, FB page or Wikipedia
(The Beat | Paul Collins)

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