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Connells - Lexington, VA 1992 (sbd)

The Connellsin the early days
Washington & Lee University  
Lexington, VA 
May 8, 1992

soundboard recording (quality: VG++; 
transfer from third-generation copy)

SAMPLE: "Doin' You" (live 1992)

01 Stone Cold Yesterday
The Connells: a nice bunch of guys making catchy pop rock
02 Sal
03 Slackjawed
04 Upside Down
05 Speak to Me
06 Set the Stage 
07 Doin' You
08 banter
09 Get a Gun
10 Carry My Picture
11 Over There
12 1934
13 Eyes On the Ground
14 Choose a Side (partial)
15 Hey Wow
16 Take a Bow
17 Inside My Head
18 Motel
19 Fun & Games
20 Something to Say  
21 (encore break)
22 Hey You
23 Photograph^
24 Try

^Ringo Starr cover

TT: 80:13 mins.

The Connells:
Mike Connell - guitar, vocals
David Connell - bass
Doug MacMillan - vocals, tambourine
George Huntley - guitar, vocals
Peele Wimberley - drums
Steve Potak - keyboards

ROB SEZ: Around here, we just like the Connells and their music. The band got going in Raleigh, N.C. and never left. Repercussion regulars Mitch Easter & Don Dixon were both involved in the group's earliest albums. THANK YOU KINDLY to the taper, and to Lee & caw for sharing.


FLAC lossless files

Learn more about The Connells' music
at the band's official site and at Wikipedia

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  1. Still Life - ltd. edition bonus disc
    [7 live songs]

    superb sound, superb performance
    what’s not to like??

    01 The Leper
    02 Soul Reactor
    03 Still Life
    04 Choose A Side
    05 Crown
    06 Slackjawed
    07 '74-'75

    These are from a live session with no known date or location; presumably recorded in 1997 or ’98 due to the inclusion of several songs from disc 1, the studio album.

    FLAC files


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