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Jason Falkner - Two Rarities Collections

'An Alternative You Can Still Feel'
alt. version of CYSF? album
late 1990s
various recording venues, etc.

soundboard recordings (quality VG+ to Ex-)

01 The Invitation - full-length version 
02 Author Unknown - album outtake
03 Revelation - GLR live
04 My Lucky Day - B-side version
05 Holiday - single version
06 Eloquence - GLR live
07 I Already Know - demo
08 See You Again - acoustic
09 Honey - GLR live
10 The Plan - GLR live
11 All God's Creatures - demo
12 Goodnight Sweet Night - demo
SAMPLE: "Hello Mr. Future" (from IPO sampler)

'Play Myself Some Music'
demos, B-sides & other rarities
various recording venues & dates
soundboard & FM recordings
   (quality VG+ to Ex-)

01 Play Myself Some Music 
      - R. Stevie Moore cover
02 Start Over - 17A version
03 Do Ya - The Move cover
04 Great Big Yes - B-side version
05 Touch and Go - Cars cover
06 My House is Not a Home 
      - yellow pills version 
07 Both Sides Now - B-side version
08 In Awe of Industry - B-side version
09 Pretty Ballerina - Left Banke cover
10 Hello Mr. Future - IPO sampler
11 Photograph - Def Leppard cover
12 My Lucky Day - B-side version
13 Baby I Love You - J. Barry & E. Greenwich cover
14 Upside Down Frown - demo
15 Holiday - single version
16 Kids Without Curfew
17 They're Coming to See Us
18 Some Things Are Big 
     Some Things Are Small - live on TV 
19 All God's Creatures - demo
20 Goodnight Sweet Night - demo
21 Honey - demo
22 I Already Know - demo

ROB SEZ: There's some overlap in these two rarities collections, which come courtesy of Mick and thanks to Don from the old ASH blog (Mick is the biggest JF fan I know of). But I figured you'd rather have two copies of a few of these rather than not hear 'em at all... Jason Falkner and R. Stevie Moore recently released (?re-released?) a collaboration called Make It Be, which is getting great reviews (check out Rushbo's review for Rockerzine). Many say the project brings out the best in both artists (see more below). Bonus share? Of course...

Jason Falkner & R. Stevie Moore made this album.
Sample "I H8 Ppl" below.


  1. Jason Falkner
    The Troubador
    Los Angeles, CA
    International Pop Overthrow festival
    Aug. 2, 2001

    (soundboard audio rip from DVD: quality VG++)

    01 intro
    02 She's Not the Enemy
    03 I Live
    04 Honey
    05 See You Again
    06 She Goes to Bed
    07 Wicked Annabella
    08 She's Looking Back at Me
    09 Eloquence
    10 A Lot to Learn
    11 Miracle Medicine
    12 Miss Understanding
    13 The Plan
    14 Both Belong
    15 I Go Astray
    16 Photograph

    JF solo show; excellent! MEGA THANKS to Don for sharing

  2. I reviewed the Moore-Falkner album for Rockerzine - just in case you're interested:

    1. Excellent! Just added a link to your review in the post.

  3. Fantastic blog. Can't get enough Falkner. Regarding his rarities/demos, do you happen to have (or know where I can find) the songs "Take Good Care Of Me" and "Roadkill Blues"? Can't seem to find them anywhere. Many thanks!

    1. Hello John - Thanks for the thanks. Sorry, I do not have those two tracks either...

  4. Gotta love the Web. Voila, here they are:


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