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The Mice - Unreleased and Live Recordings

Bill Fox: frontman for The Mice
music from: unreleased album, 
live show, early single
1984 - 1988
various venues & recording info

soundboard recordings (quality VG- to VG+) 


01 Resurrection Day
02 Music Here
03 Something Pushed 
After an early single, this EP was the band's next release
04 Public Television
05 I Got a Gal In Kalamazoo
06 Phone in My Car
07 Across the Mighty Ocean
08 Don't Be a Stranger to Me
09 Nearly a Mile Away
10 Struck Me Paralyzed
11 Girl in Red (live)
12 Downtown (live)
13 Stay Forever (live)
14 Love Ain't No Feeling (live)
15 The Good's Gone (live)
16 American Pagan Girl (live)
17 Bye Bye Kitty Kat (live)
18 Can't Explain… [Who medley] (live)
19 She Loves You (live)
20 A Hard Day's Night (live)
21 Can You Walk on the Water Baby? 
      (first single A-side)
22 Little Creatures (first single B-side)
23 Santa Claus

SAMPLE: "Across the Mighty Ocean" (from rare Unreleased & Live Recordings)

#1: outtake from the Scooter album - recorded & produced by Chris Burgess June 1986 at Beat Farm, Willoughby OH
#2-10, 23: from sessions for the never-completed Canterbury Bells LP. Recorded by Chris Burgess in 1987 at Beat Farm. Mixed Feb 2002 by Brendan Burke at Uberstudio, Chicago, IL
#11-20: taken from studio portion of a live show 1988-06-04 recorded by Ken Dixon in Cleveland, OH for WRUW-FM
#21, 22: vinyl rip from the band's rare first single, recorded while still in their early teens, released 1984

The Mice: so short-lived & mysterious, this is one
of the group's only surviving band photos
ROB SEZ: What's better than discovering a terrific, little-known band? That would be finding a complete set of the band's rarities, including raw tracks from a never-completed and never-released album. Call it punky pop-rock, if you need a descriptor. This set was sold exclusively (for a red-hot minute) through Scat Records’ website, a CD-R release (SCAT 72). It was quickly deleted at the band's request, and is now otherwise unavailable. Frontman Bill Fox went on to a somewhat better-known solo career, with several albums worth seeking out (see especially Shelter from the Smoke). Read a great, feature-length post about The Mice from Adios Lounge.


HUMONGOUS THANKS to Don from the old ASH blog for sharing
 Learn more about The Mice's music at Trouser Press, Wikipedia & the music of Bill Fox at Wikipedia

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  1. Bill Fox (The Mice)
    'Rarer Still'
    a compilation of rarities and live tracks

    various venues & dates (sound quality range GD+ to VG+)

    01 Pharoah (The Mice live 1986)
    02 Downtown (The Mice live 1986)
    04 Talk of Revolution
    05 House Carpenter
    06 I Only Did It Cuz I Felt So Lonely
    07 Sing Down
    08 Alienated
    09 On the Way
    10 Eclectrocution
    11 Men Who Are Guilty of Crimes
    12 two unknown songs (live 2009)
    13 Gonna Miss You (live 2010)
    14 Lonesome Pine (live 2011)
    15 Song of a Drunken Nightingale (live 2011)
    16 Way Way Down (live 2014)

    track notes (all live tracks = audience recordings):
    1-2 = Live (prob’ly in Ohio) 19 July 1986, courtesy of chrino21 [SMOKIN’ performances!]
    3 … Well, there IS no track 3. I found out, just before posting: it’s on an official release. Darn.
    4-9 = cuts from the very rare Before I Went to Harvard collection
    10 = from I Stayed Up All Night Listening to Records (various artists compilation)
    11 = soundtrack for "An Anthem for Occupy Wall Street" video, 2011
    12 = Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH live 24 April 2009, courtesy of kctaper
    13 = Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, Ontario, CN on 14 May 2010, courtesy of sleepyk
    14-15 = Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH live in 2011, courtesy of n7productions
    16 = Mahalls 20 Lanes, Lakewood, OH 15 April 2014, courtesy of Jon R

    (download folder includes artwork for the cassette version of Before I Went to Harvard)

    ORDER THE LIMITED EDITION VINYL REISSUE of Before I Went to Harvard at Only 300 copies will be pressed; these will get snatched up quickly.



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