Wednesday, June 7

Cotton Mather - Late 1990s + 2017 live sets

KUTX-FM live session
Austin, TX
May 23, 2017
web stream capture (sound quality VG++)
01 Better Than a Hit
02 I Volunteer
03 Girl With a Blue Guitar
04 Robert Harrison
05 Candy Lilac*

+several interview segments put into a single file
*bonus track from an earlier KUTX live session in 2016

unidentified live session
a TV studio in Texas (?)
late 1990s
audio rip from video (quality VG++)
01 Animal Show Drinking
     Song (partial)^ 
02 Church of Wilson
03 She's Only Cool
04 Aurora Bori Alice
05 Flying (Badfinger cover)
^beginning cut, fades in (about 1 minute total)

ROB SEZ: Judging from the comments generated by my last Cotton Mather post, we seem to have some serious fans of this little-known band — and I'm one of them. ROIOs are hard to come by for this fab, Beatlesque group — so here's a couple more I recently acquired. I don't know much about the late 1990s set, but it seems to come from a live session in a TV studio (I'm guessing somewhere in Texas). Special treat: a live cover of the song the band contributed to a Badfinger tribute album in 1996. RIDICULOUS THANKS to KUTX in Austin and to Mike Rosen for sharing.

Cotton Mather just released a second installment in front man Robert Harrison's ambitious Songs from The I Ching project. It's called Wild Kingdom, and I heartily recommend it. Purchase directly from the band HERE (while you're at it, pick up the first installment, Death of the Cool).

NoiseTrade has a cool freebie: a 9-track sampler that covers both albums. Check it out (you'll have to register with NoiseTrade, but you'll probably be glad you did. They give away lots of cool music).

Kontiki: Deluxe Edition is still available from the band HERE.

Learn more about Cotton Mather's music at 

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