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Five Eight - Live Across 25 Years (1992-2017)

Live Across 25 Years

various venues

FM, preFM & soundboard recordings
(sound quality range: VG+ to Ex-)
SAMPLE: "Weirdo (live 2015)"

01 Practical Guidance
02 Self-Fulfilling Fall
03 Really Hope*
04 Not Zeppelin
05 Pull Up
06 Ungrateful Boy
07 Looking Up
08 Stars
09 This Strong Emotion*
10 Who Is Maurice?*
11 Finished With My Woman* 
12 Destroy This World
13 Weirdo
14 On the Highway*
15 You Never Look In My Eyes
16 Weirdo
17 Song for Jim Gordon
18 Little Black Cloud
19 Palace Estates
20 Behead Myself
21 You Never Look In My Eyes
22 Depressed All the Time
23 Kids

*song titles are guesses for these tracks

01-14 = WREK radio live session
             Atlanta, GA 1992-04-07 (FM)
15-19 = WMNF radio live session
             Tampa, FL 2015-05-09 (FM) 
20 = Hole in the Wall, Austin, TX 
        2015-03-18 (RXCR at SXSW)
21= 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA 
       2016-02-13 (sbd)
22-23 = Hole in the Wall, Austin, TX
             March 2017 (RXCR at SXSW)

ROB SEZ: I'm a new fan of Five Eight, even though the Athens, GA collective has been around more than a quarter century. I'd say the band, fronted by Mike Mantione, is a hybrid of alt. rock, hardcore, and emo. If you like GBV and/or Superchunk, I recommend you check out Five Eight. Their music is not my usual cup of tea. But after several listens, I see why a National Public Radio blogger put Five Eight first on his list of "Top Five Bands That Should Be Way Bigger Than They Are". Stream the new single "Kids" (below) from the band's forthcoming album Songs for St. Jude.

Sample the fab new song "Kids"
from Five Eight's forthcoming studio album:
 Download "Kids" & a Five Eight song sampler
for free from NoiseTrade

Learn more about Five Eight's music
at the
band's official site and AllMusic

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  1. Want more Five Eight? How about the band's hand-picked studio & live rarities?

    The folder you will download includes:

    -Inflatable Sense of Self (early, self-released collection)
    -Passive-Aggressive (same as above)
    -Live at Eddie's Attic, Decatur, GA 2011
    -Live at the Spanish Moon (Baton Rouge, LA)
    -"Desperate Tonight" (live at Eddie's Attic) - WAV file
    -"Fire of Love" (alt. mix)
    -"Your God Is Dead to Me Now" (alt. mix)

    All at MP3@192 (except the 1 lossless track)



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