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Blood Oranges - Demo Collection c. 1988-1994

Studio Demo Collection
c. 1988 to 1994

various locales & personnel (details in info file) 

soundboard recordings (quality range VG to VG++; 
Vol. 1 is transferred from a master tape source; Vol. 2 source is 2nd-generation)

SAMPLE: "Fire Escape" (demo)

Volume 1
artwork by Rob-in-Brevard (included in DL, of course!)
First recording session, home demos
01 White Freight Line
02 Shout
03 Little Maggie
04 Shady Grove
Fort Apache, Boston, MA 
05 Sally
06 Dig a Hole
07 Shady Grove #2
08 Shout #2
09 Face Up
10 Racehorse
11 Miss It All
12 Fire Escape
13 Incinerator
Mark's home studio 
14 Heart of Mud
15 Baby Down
16 Time Takes Away
17 Western Man
18 House Boat
19 This Old Town

Volume 2
Lone Green Valley outtake
01 White Freight Line #2
1992 demos
02 How Could You?
03 Hinges
04 Handles
05 Face Up #2
06 Miss It All #2
07 Titanic
08 Here’s to You
09 This Old Town #2
10 Lonesome Too
Crying Tree pre-production
11 Shine
12 [untitled Cheri tune]
UNRELEASED Christmas single 
13 Spellbound
Winter '94 demos
14 Spellbound #2
15 Sweet Lies
16 Everybody Knew (aka Sweetheart)
17 Throwback Bitch
18 Local One
19 Bed of Clowns

ROB SEZ: In the mood for some some excellent alt-country / Americana? If so, check out the late, great Blood Oranges. In its various incarnations, the band sported some talented musicians, including Jimmy Ryan and Cheri Knight. I'd heard these demos existed, but had no access until Realomind (the man of the hour) helped me out. Humongous thanks to him. Please honor Realomind’s request: do not sell these recordings or convert to lossy, except for personal use.

Blood Oranges: (members at one time or another) 
Jimmy Ryan - vocals, mandolin
Mark Spencer - guitar, vocals
Andy Churchill - guitar
Cheri Knight - bass, vocals
Ron Ward - drums
Bob Kendall - bass, vocals
Keith Levreault - drums

NOTE: Others who played with Blood Oranges over the years included Matt Elmes and Lys Wood. BONUS! Andy C. got in touch and sent some demo tape covers from 1988 & '89, which you can find HERE. Thank you kindly, Andy.

WAV lossless files

Learn more about the music of Blood Oranges at Trouser Press & AllMusic

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