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Died Pretty - Live in Italy & NYC 1986

Q-BO Club
Bologna, Italy
Dec. 22, 1986

audience recording (sound quality VG to VG+; transferred from a multi-generation tape source, but the sound is full & well-balanced
01 stage entrance, tuning
02 Landsakes (Life to Go)
03 Round and Round
04 Stoneage Cinderella
05 Blue Sky Day
06 Wig-Out
07 World Without
08 Towers of Strength
09 Everybody Moves
10 Just Skin
11 Winterland
12 Heroin (Velvet Underground cover)
13 Mirror Blues
14 Final Twist
New York, NY
November 1, 1986

audience recording (sound quality VG++; master tape source; the sound is impressive for an audience recording in a club; no intrusive crowd noise; this is the entire set played that night)

01 Mercedes Benz (tease) 
02 Out of the Unknown
03 Stoneage Cinderella
04 Everybody Moves
05 Towers of Strength
06 Desperate Hours
07 Mirror Blues
08 Final Solution (Pere Ubu cover)

ROB SEZ: Died Pretty are from Sydney, Australia by way of Brisbane. Kinda hard to describe their sound, but it’s an impressive mix of Iggy & the Stooges, Velvet Underground / Lou Reed, New York Dolls, Pere Ubu and ... I’m not sure what else. You get the feeling they want to be the best possible fusion of alt. rock, indie, progressive, “art music” and psychedelica. The amazing thing is, they actually pull it off most of the time. Massive thanks to the tapers & sharers: whoever taped the Bologna show plus SEETHEFUZZ7 and Stacheleber for sharing it; to THE KING OF ROCK for recording the CBGB show and to Realomind for sharing. (My apologies for the lossy share, but then again I don't think anyone's going to mistake this for your lossless versions!) Died Pretty have posted some freebies and low-cost rarities on their Bandcamp pages. Grab ‘em while you can.

DIED PRETTY -  still playing live shows today, like this one in 2016

Learn more about Died Pretty's music at
the band's site (rather minimal), Wikipedia and AllMusic  

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