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Cotton Mather - Live On the Radio

Live Sessions
1999 and 2002

GLR - BBC, London, UK
Jan. 3, 1999
Los Conciertos de Radio 3, Spain
March 28, 2002

FM recordings (sound quality VG to VG++; UK recordings are probably FM captures; 2002 set could be from a web stream

01 She's Only Cool
02 Camp Hill Operator
03 Password
04 Lost My Motto
05 Homefront Cameo
06 Spin My Wheels
07 Church of Wilson
Robert Harrison is Cotton Mather's main dude (seen here in 2012)
08 band interview
     (with 3 live songs)*
09 The Last of
     the Mohicans
10 40 Watt Solution
11 She's Only Cool
12 Panama Slides
13 Camp Hill Rail Operator
14 Monterrey Honey
15 AMPs of Sugarland
16 My Before and After
17 Pine Box Builder
18 Robert Harrison

01-07 = GLR - BBC 1999 set
09-18 = Los Conciertos de Radio 3 (2002)
*08 = band interview with BBC's Gary Crowley after the release of The Big Picture, c. 2002. The three live songs are Baby Freeze Queen, 40 Watt Solution & Panama Slides. There’s a signal drift problem that crops up about halfway through, but you can ignore it if you try.
For those who pay attention to such things, the two UK live tracks from the Kontiki-era singles are not included herein. Haper compiled those and other Cotton Mather goodies over at Popfair (HERE & HERE).

SAMPLE: "40 Watt Solution" (live 2002)

ROB SEZ: Regular readers of this blog know we love to celebrate lesser-known groups worth hearing, especially those with a Beatlesque bent. Cotton Mather is right in line, sporting inventive melodies, sharp lyrics & frontman Robert Harrison's uncanny Lennon-esque vocal style. Cotton Mather went by the boards in 2003 so Harrison could regroup and re-think his musical direction. He emerged in 2007 with the Future Clouds & Radar collaborative. But Cotton Mather reunited occasionally for live shows and, just last year, released Death of the Cool, an album of all-new studio material. The band even played a couple of times this week at SxSW. Check the sample & enjoy. THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO NICK, who kindly supplied the rare stuff you're about to enjoy. If you can find it, there's also a bonus mystery share somewhere around here...
Ironic title for the band's 2016 studio album — this album is very cool!
Buy it in all formats (except cassette) HERE
1999 set = MP3@320 kbps (band interview @192)
2002 set = MP3@VBR (med. bit rate)
Learn more about Cotton Mather's music at 
the band's web page, FB page & Wikipedia


  1. Future Clouds and Radar
    ‘Tunes That Are Live'
    Live sessions March & June 2007

    01 Let Me Get Your Coat
    02 Birds of Prey
    03 Build Havana
    04 Quicksilver
    05 Green Mountain Clover
    06 Hurricane Judy
    07 This Is Really a Rock Song
    08 This Is Really a Book
    09 Safety Zone
    10 Build Havana
    11 Quicksilver

    01-04 = KDHX-FM live session, St. Louis, MO June 2007
    05-06 = undated live session (probably 2007)
    07-09 = World Cafe at SxSW March 2007 (Robert H. solo)
    10-11 = WNYC Soundcheck June 2007 (in mono)


    Future Clouds & Radar was the collaborative formed by Robert Harrison after disbanding Cotton Mather in 2003. Read a great feature story about Future Clouds by my friend Fred Mills in Blurt magazine from 2008:

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