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Lilac Time - Brighton Beach & Glasgow 1990

Brighton Beach
East Sussex, UK
June 10, 1990

FM recording (sound quality VG+; sounds like it's from a 2nd- or 3rd-generation tape source

01 Black Velvet
03 The Girl Who Waves at Trains
05 You've Got to Love
07 I Went to the Dance
08 The Ship Sails On
10 Reunion Ball

12 American Eyes
13 Julie Written On the Fence

15 If the Stars Shine Tonight

King Tut's
Glasgow, Scotland 
Oct. 3, 1990

audience recording (sound quality VG- to VG; no warts to speak of; just not a pristine recording

01 Fields
02 All For Love
03 Paperboat
04 The Girl Who Waves 
     at Trains
05 American Eyes
06 I Went to the Dance
07 The Road to Happiness
08 Black Velvet
09 The Weed Generation (chat)
10 Return to Yesterday
11 You've Got to Love
12 And the Ship Sails On
13 If the Stars Shine Tonight
14 Icing on the Cake
15 Lost Girl In the Midnight Sun
16 She Still Loves You
17 Kiss Me -- Raspberry Beret

ROB SEZ: If you don't know the band's music, think of the Lilac Time as what might've happened to Nick Drake's music if he'd survived his melancholia, recruited a couple of bandmates, and found some contentment. This is rustic, folk-based, England-centric, classy pop music. The Lilac Time is still making music as a trio (above photo), and currently working on a new studio album. A strange-but-true fact about main dude Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy: he was a founding member of Duran Duran. MASSIVE THANKS to John (R.I.P.) for recording & to Don for sharing. This Lilac Time two-fer is courtesy of the old ASH blog (may it rest in musical peace!).
ASH Tuesday post #59
Learn more about the music of Lilac Time at 
the band's official site, FB page & AllMusic

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