Tuesday, December 1

Mike Nesmith - Rarities remastered

various dates & sources
Remasters Workshop edition


FLAC lossless files

ROB SEZ: This one's not from the old ASH blog, but it made me think of my pals from there. 
So I'm still callin' it...
ASH Tuesday post #23.


  1. I did not expect to find this. I'm a huge Monkees and Nesmith fan. Many thanks

  2. You're very welcome, A-Mfan. Enjoy.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey musiclover - you get a prize for gratitude. Thanks for all your thanks! 8-)

  4. Thank you for this! Outstanding work by the compiler.

    (Speaking of Nesmith, I don't suppose anyone has a *good* rip of The Wichita Train Whistle Sings, do they...?)

    1. Cheers, Phil. I'm not familiar with the recording you're asking about, but perhaps someone else out there can help you out? If so, please post a link here.

    2. Thanks Rob! "The Wichita Train Whistle Sings" is Nesmith's first solo LP (a single from it appears on this Rarities set). It's tough to find in the digital age. Streaming sites have a very low-quality rip of it (tinny, nearly mono). YouTube has a decent rip, but it's lossy. There's also a long OOP 2008 twofer CD including this LP, but it goes for $60+ these days. Just hoping there might be more Nesmith fans reading this comments section...:)


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