Tuesday, December 29

Dave Edmunds & Billy Bremner - Sweden 2000 (FM)

Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner & The Refreshments
Getinge, Sweden
March 20, 2000
FM broadcast (sound quality VG++; a smokin' hot performance by Dave & Billy!)


HOLIDAY THANKS to Don at the old ASH blog for sharing this one with me.

ASH Tuesday post #27.


  1. Thanks! Dave always kicks ass, & usually whatever band he has with him. I've seen his solo bands and Rockpile many times and they always leave you exhausted. Would love to see him return the the U.S. someday. Have a great New Year. Tahnks for all of your work on this blog.

  2. Download doesn't seem to be working ?!? Or is it me?

  3. Thanks for the comment, Anonymous #1. As for Anonymous #2, I suggest you try downloading again. It's working just fine on my end...


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