Friday, December 11

Matthew & The Atlas - Best Live Sessions

Best Live Sessions
various venues

FM & webstreams (sound quality VG+ to Ex-)

Matthew & The Atlas: they've got a squeezebox & they're gonna use it.

SAMPLE: "I Will Remain" (Mile Marker 2011)

SAMPLE: "Pale Sun Rose" (Motel Mozaique 2014)

01 To the North (Mile Marker 2011)
02 Another Way (Mile Marker 2011)
03 Animal Bones (Mile Marker 2011)
04 I Will Remain (Mile Marker 2011)
05 Deadwood (Bandwidth 2010)
06 Pale Sun Rose (TRI 2011)
07 Within the Rose (Paste 2011)
08 Beneath the Sea (Paste 2011)
09 I Followed Fire (Paste 2011)
10 Animal Bones (BBC 2013)
11 To the North (acoustic)
12 Pale Sun Rose (Motel Mozaique 2014)
13 Animal Bones (stripped-down version) 

TT: 48 mins.
Matthew & The Atlas = Matt Hegarty + several musical collaborators

ROB SEZ: My daughter Hannah gets the credit for my learning about Matthew & The Atlas. She discovered the group using a Spotify app that introduces you to new music based on other artists you like. Pretty cool. If you dig bands like Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons and Covenhoven, I think you’ll appreciate Matthew & The Atlas.
The band's album is Other Rivers. Go GET IT!
Learn more about the music of Matthew & The Atlas at the band's web site and FB page 

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