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Fetchin Bones - Philadelphia 1989

Chestnut Cabaret
Philadelphia, PA
Sept. 7, 1989

audience recording (sound quality: VG+; excellent sound for an audie; transfer from the master tape)

ROB SEZ: Fetchin Bones is another North Carolina band that had a great thing going, got signed to a major label, but was too far ahead of the curve to catch on. Lead singer Hope Nicholls has one of the most compelling voices in alt rock. By the time loud guitar bands became all the rage in the early 90’s, it was too late — the band had split up. Meanwhile, Charlotte music fans like me enjoyed some great shows in the mid 1980s by one of our favorite hometown groups. Fetchin Bones reunited for some live shows and a live CD-DVD release in 2007 (see photos below). Check the sample to get a taste.

SAMPLE: "Say the Word" (Philly '89)

01 I Dig You       
Modest claim to (pseudo) fame: I bummed around
with the brother of Danna, the bassist (in the hat)
02 Sticks and Stones   
03 Mr. Bad
04 Everybody Is a House       
05 Binoculars     
06 Deep Blue      
07 You're So Much      
08 (I Feel Like An) Astronaut 
09 Wine    
10 Beat the Stray        
11 Bed of Seems 
12 Love Crushing        
13 Chicken Truck
14 Spot     
15 Cross    
16 Say the Word 
17 My Sharona (The Knack cover)      
18 So Brilliant    
19 Tattood Love Boys
      (Pretenders cover)
20 Bonework

TT: 68 mins.

WAV lossless files
(At the request of the guy who shared this show, there will no MP3 version of this post. Please respect his request to not share this in any lossy format)
Lead singer Hope Nicholls & bassist Danna Pentes, late 1980s & 2007

Fetchin Bones:
Hope Nicholls - vocals
Danna Pentes - bass
Aaron Pitkin - guitar
Clay Richardson - drums
Errol Stewart - guitar
MUCHOS GRACIAS to the taper & sharer

Learn more about the music of Fetchin Bones at Trouser Press and AllMusic


  1. It is insane that you have a Fetchin' Bones boot. Never seen one before.

    And it's one helluva Christmas present, lemme tell ya. Thank you.

    1. Cheers, La PG. Insanely good, rare stuff is what we're all about here!


  2. Rob, great stuff, they are an all-time live favorite...

    La Piazza, I actually have an FB boot on vinyl, of the band's first ever gig....

    1. No kidding! Any chance of getting a rip of that vinyl?

    2. some day.... but before that, I've got a show ripped from cassette, waiting to be prepped...


    4. one other note - #13 is "Chicken Truck"

    5. Just changed that song title. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for all these. Seems everyone at my old 3000 watt FM high school station (especially the adult music director) LOVED FB and they were constantly playing South Florida thanks to our heavy rotation. And they were just damn good. Finger lickin GOOOD! as Hope would scream.


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