Friday, December 4

Dan dy War hols - Several Live Sets

Cabaret Metro
Chicago, IL
Oct. 16, 2000

soundboard recording (quality Ex-) 

01 Be-In
02 Bohemian Like You
03 Shakin'
04 Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth
05 Country Leaver
06 Horse Pills
07 Hard On for Jaysus
08 Godless
09 Boys Better
10 It's a Fast-Drivin' Rave-Up with the DWs

BIG THANKS to Gary from California for all these shares, not to mention the artwork

Radio Sessions

soundboard & FM recordings
(sound quality VG+)

KCRW, 'Morning Becomes Eclectic,' 
            Nov. 16, 2000 
01 It's a Fast-Drivin' Rave-Up 
     With the DWs
02 Minnesoter
03 Green
04 Country Leaver

KCRW, 'Morning Becomes Eclectic,' 
            Oct. 3, 2008
05 The World Come On
06 Mission Control
07 Welcome to the Third World
08 Mis Amigos
09 Love Song
10 And Then I Dreamt of Yes
11 Legend of the Last of the Outlaw Truckers...

KEXP-FM, Portland, OR June 21, 2013
12 Mohammed
13 Cool Scene
14 Godless
15 Big Indian

Bristol Academy
London, UK
May 23, 2003

01 I Am Over It
02 Not If You Were the Last Junkie 
     On Earth
03 Solid
04 Good Morning
05 I Am Sound
06 Bohemian Like You
07 Get Off

Brent DeBoer - drums
Peter Holstrom - guitars
Zia McCabe - keyboard
Courtney Taylor-Taylor - vocals, guitars

Learn more about the music of this group at Wikipedia, the band's web site, and FB page


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