Friday, February 16

Wondermints - The Early Years (demos galore)

Blue, Purple & Green tapes 
4-track recordings
Darian's bedroom
Los Angeles, CA

soundboard recordings (quality: VG+ to VG++; tape cases say "Produced, Arranged and Recorded in homegrown quadrotrack splendor by Los Wondermintos")

SAMPLE: "Silly Place" (4-track recording, 1992)

The Wondermints in their early years: all praises to Angelo at Power Pop Criminals
Angelo compiled these & created the artwork.
Some of these songs ended up on the debut album, but only after being re-mixed & mastered.
'Mintsmania' collection
More demos, live tracks, rarities

MP3@192 (best available bit rate)
Learn more about the Wondermints' 
music at AllMusic or this FB page


  1. Great stuff, thanks! i STILL have all three tapes, somewhere, from back in the day...

    1. Hi there Jim: you can join me in thanking Angelo for sharing the digitized tracks with the world!

    2. Indeed, THANK YOU Angelo, for these fabulous Wondermints items, and everything else you've offered thru the years!!! :)


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