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Field Music - Glasgow, SCT 2018

The Quay Sessions
BBC Pacific Quay studios
Glasgow, Scotland
Jan. 10, 2018 (first broadcast was the following day) 

web stream (sound quality VG++)

SAMPLE: "Let's Write a Book" (live 2018)

Field Music = David & Peter Brewis & collaborators

01 Roddy Hart intro
02 Time In Joy
03 Them That Do Nothing 
04 Count It Up
05 interview
06 Disappointed
07 Let's Write a Book
08 The Noisy Days Are Over
09 Share a Pillow
10 No King No Princess
11 Stay Awake
12 Roddy Hart outro

TT: 45:53 mins
HUGE THANKS to auto_pilot for sharing

KEXP Radio
Live Session
Seattle, WA

A visual representation 
of what Field Music sound like...
March 28, 2015

preFM recording (sound quality: VG++)

01 The Noisy Days Are Over
02 I'm Glad
03 Disappointed
04 Don't You Want to Know 

     What's Wrong?

The new album: Open Here
Are Field Music the next XTC? Or a combination of XTC, Wire, Prince & some band you've never heard of? The answer probably depends on which Field Music album you're enjoying and your own taste in music. One writer describes their sound as a 
"colorful and hyper-musical blend of tricky Beach Boys melodies filtered through a post-rock-meets-prog-rock-meets-soft-rock aesthetic" — which probably fit their sound several albums ago. However you describe it, it's rather "out there" for my sensibilities. But Field Music have been releasing music since 2005 and there's no denying they're hugely talented & quite entertaining. Your new cup of tea, perhaps? The new album, Open Here (4-star review from Mojo), is out today.

FLAC (2018 set in flac; 2015 lossy set is included) 


Learn more about Field Music at the band's own site, FB page and AllMusic

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  1. Field Music - Live at the BBC 2015 + 2016

    Live Session for 6 Music, Salford, UK 2015-12-17 (stream)
    5 live songs + interview segments

    Live Session, Media City, Manchester, UK 2016-10-17 (stream)
    7 live songs + interview segments

    both segments:
    David Brewis, Peter Brewis & others

    MP2@160 (best available quality):


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