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Field Music - Glasgow, SCT 2018

The Quay Sessions
BBC Pacific Quay studios
Glasgow, Scotland
Jan. 10, 2018 (first broadcast was the following day) 

web stream (sound quality VG++)

SAMPLE: "Let's Write a Book" (live 2018)

Field Music = David & Peter Brewis & collaborators

01 Roddy Hart intro
02 Time In Joy
03 Them That Do Nothing 
04 Count It Up
05 interview
06 Disappointed
07 Let's Write a Book
08 The Noisy Days Are Over
09 Share a Pillow
10 No King No Princess
11 Stay Awake
12 Roddy Hart outro

TT: 45:53 mins
HUGE THANKS to auto_pilot for sharing

KEXP Radio
Live Session
Seattle, WA
Visual representation of what Field Music sound like...
March 28, 2015

preFM recording (sound quality: VG++)

01 The Noisy Days Are Over
02 I'm Glad
03 Disappointed
04 Don't You Want to Know 

The new album: Open Here
     What's Wrong?

ROB SEZ: Are Field Music the next XTC? Or a combination of XTC, Wire & some other band you've never heard of? The answer probably depends on which Field Music album you're enjoying and your own taste in music. One writer describes their sound as a "colorful and hyper-musical blend of tricky Beach Boys melodies filtered through a post-rock-meets-prog-rock-meets-soft-rock aesthetic" — which probably fit their sound several albums ago. However you describe it, it's all a tad too "out there" for me. But Field Music have been releasing music since 2005 and there's no question they're hugely talented & quite entertaining. Your new cup of tea, perhaps? The new album, Open Here (4-star review from Mojo), is out today.

FLAC (2018 set in flac; 2015 lossy set is included) 

Learn more about Field Music at the band's own site, FB page and AllMusic

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  1. Field Music - Live at the BBC 2015 + 2016

    Live Session for 6 Music, Salford, UK 2015-12-17 (stream)
    5 live songs + interview segments

    Live Session, Media City, Manchester, UK 2016-10-17 (stream)
    7 live songs + interview segments

    both segments:
    David Brewis, Peter Brewis & others

    MP2@160 (best available quality):


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