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Dumptruck - Boston, MA 1985 (aud)

The Rat
Boston, MA
Dec. 14, 1985 

audience recording (sound quality: VG; source is a 1st-gen. tape from bassist Spike Priggen's JVC recorder; the vocals are clear and there’s good instrumental separation)

01 stage entrance, tuning
02 Alone
03 Back Where I Belong
04 Change
05 Seven Steps (Up)
06 Secrets
07 You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
08 Nine People
09 Ethics
10 Autumn Light
11 pre-encore applause --> How Come?   
12 Walk Into Mirrors

ROB SEZ: Dumptruck was formed by Seth Tiven and Kirk Swan in Boston, MA in 1983. Around the time R.E.M. was starting to get noticed by a wider audience, Tiven and Swan were combining jangle pop, the twin guitar sound pioneered by Television, and a judicious touch of twang. By the time of Positively Dumptruck, their second long-player, the band was creating something unique and compelling. for the country was the group's third — and some say best — LP before a legal dispute with its label blew up and general fatigue set in, bringing Dumptruck's first musical phase to a close. Tiven relocated to Austin, TX and revived Dumptruck in the 1990s, releasing three albums up until the recent release of Wrecked, the latest studio project (see below). This 1985 live set commemorates bassist Spike Priggen's first gig with Dumptruck. Thank you, Spike, for sharing your audio souvenir & most of these photos.
Seth Tiven - guitar, vocals | Kirk Swan - guitar, vocals
Spike Priggen - bass, vocals (at left)Shawn "King" Devlin - drums
New Dumptruck Studio Album!
Seth Tiven says this is the album he's been trying to finish for 10 years.
A recent PledgeMusic campaign finally did the trick. It's worth the wait.
Stream the entire album at Soundcloud. Buy it at Collector's Choice or Amazon.
Learn more about Dumptruck's music 
at the band's FB page or AllMusic



  1. I'm pretty sure it's a first-generation tape. Recorded on my trusty JVC box. The voice that you hear at the very beginning is my good friend Ian Churchill, who took the pictures on many Miracle Legion and Dumptruck records. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks for the info, Spike. I just updated the post and added your groovy photos from when you were in the band.

    Now, then, here are two rare goodies for all the Dumptruck fans out there:


    Dumptruck performing live at their rehearsal space in 1986. If my memory serves correctly it was in the Cleveland Circle area of Brighton, MA USA.

    ALL THANKS to James B. for sharing these.


  3. Thanks for the heads-up on the new Dumptruck! Gotta git it!

  4. FYI...track 09 should be "Ethics" (not "Epics").

    Thank you very much for sharing this show!!!


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