Friday, February 9

Semisonic - Live (19 Years Apart)

Irving Plaza
New York, NY
Oct. 17, 1998 

audience recording (sound quality: VG to VG+; overall, an impressive recording, with vocals slightly distant at times, but audience noise is not an issue)
01 F.N.T.
Semisonic: 2017 reunion show
(this & purplish photo below: Vito Ingerto)
02 Singing In My Sleep 
03 Never You Mind
04 Secret Smile
05 Down In Flames
06 If I Run
07 In Another Life
08 DND
09 Erotic City (Prince cover)
10 Delicious
11 Closing Time
12 encore break
13 This Will Be My Year
14 I Got You (Split Enz cover)
15 California
16 taper ID

Taped and transferred by KamenLiter; tracked by smores; normalization, eq’ing & minor compression added by Rob-in-Brevard. MEGA THANKS to smores for sharing.

Turf Club
Saint Paul, MN
Dec. 13, 2017

audience recording (sound quality: VG++; quite excellent audience recording; no complaints)

01 intro/stage banter
02 Closing Time
03 Singing In My Sleep 
04 Made To Last
05 Never You Mind
06 stage banter
07 Secret Smile
08 tuning/stage banter
09 DND
10 Completely Pleased
11 This Will Be My Year
12 All Worked Out
13 California
14 tuning/stage banter
15 She Spreads Her Wings
16 tuning/stage banter
17 Gone to the Movies
18 I Got You (Split Enz cover)
19 tuning/stage banter
20 All It Would Take*
21 Basement Tapes*
22 tuning/stage banter
23 Long Way From Home+
24 Chemistry
25 crowd noise
26 Take Me With U

*new songs
+from Feeling Strangely Fine sessions

ROB SEZ: For a brief time in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Semisonic was "that band" — the group that had a huge hit with "Closing Time", with other catchy songs on the soundtracks of a few high-profile movies, and multiple live appearances on late night TV. Semisonic's popularity encompassed rock fans, Top 40 radio, and even alternative music aficionados. Later, frontman Dan Wilson parlayed his band's popularity into well-deserved success as a songwriter for hire. Even if you don't know Wilson, you've heard his songs (in most cases, co-writes): Adele's "Someone Like You", the Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready to Make Nice", John Legend's "You and I", Taylor Swift's "Treacherous", etc., etc. Last year, Wilson recorded and released Re-Covered, an album of his songs made famous by others, but sung this time by the man himself. MEGA THANKS to norma023 for taping and sharing the 2017 reunion show.
FLAC  |  MP3@320

Learn more about Semisonic's music at 
Dan Wilson's official site, Dan's FB page & AllMusic

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  1. Semisonic
    First Avenue Club
    Minneapolis, MN
    June 20, 2002

    soundboard recording (quality: Ex-; professionally recorded & mixed)

    this was ripped from the rare ‘One Night at First Avenue’ CD, only available through the band’s web site

    15 tracks - excellent sound and performance!



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