Tuesday, October 31

Sloan - B-Sides (3 discs of 'em)

'Raise Your Glass to the B-Sides'
extensive 3-disc set

ROB SEZ: If you like the Canadian band Sloan, you're bound to find something here you haven't heard before. As with almost all ASH Tuesday posts, I am deeply indebted to Don at the old ASH blog. Speaking of Don, he has a new radio show featuring many artists that appear here and, of course, at his I Don't Hear a Single blog. Check out the radio show on Mixcloud.

MP3@160 (unfortunately, this bitrate is the best available; if anyone can share this in higher quality, I will gladly re-post it here)
ASH Tuesday post #77


  1. This has got to be one of your best posts ever! Thanks very much

    1. I take this as another vote for more Sloan posts. Noted!


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