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S.F. Seals (Barbara Manning) - Live 1995 + 1996 (sbd)

S.F. Seals
St. Louis, MO 
October 1995 (either 10/16 or 10/19)

soundboard recording (quality: VG++)
SAMPLE: "Pulp" (live 1995) 

Barbara & S.F. Seals: indie before indie was a thing

01 Haze is Free
     (Mounting a Broken Ladder) 
02 Never Park 
03 How Did You Know?
04 Every Pretty Girl
05 Soul of Patrick Lee (John Cale)
06 Straw Man
07 Don't Underestimate Me
08 Breathe Lies
09 Back Again
10 Flashback Caruso (Faust)
11 Ladies of the Sea
12 S.F. Sorrow Is Born (The Pretty Things)
13 Pulp 
14 Bold Letters

Barbara Manning
Geislingen, Germany 
Nov. 2, 1996

soundboard recording (quality: VG++)

SAMPLE: "That Kid" (live 1996)

01 intro
Barbara Manning - bombing the bass in 1994
02 Rickity Tickity Tin (Tom Lehrer)
03 Marcus Leid (Amon Duul II)
04 End of the Rainbow (Richard Thompson)  
05 Ipecac
06 chat
07 How Did You Know?
08 chat
09 Arsonist Story
10 chat
11 That Kid
12 On On and One
13 Isn't Lonely Lovely?
14 chat
15 Someone Wants You Dead
16 chat
17 Don't Let It Bring You Down (Paul McCartney)
18 short instrumental interlude
19 Scissors --> band intros
20 chat
21 more chat
22 Pulp
23 Ladies of the Sea
24 Dock Ellis
25 good-bye

Played on the last night of the "Barbara Manning Explosion" tour of Europe. Barbara is backed by Joey Burns and John Convertino of Calexico. Both shows were taped by Miseryman & transferred by lonetaper. S.F. Seals show shared by Cyrus; solo show by blueschief. ALL PRAISES to them.

ROB SEZ: Artists like Barbara Manning and S.F. Seals (one of the many groups she fronted) are the true independents in indie music. Before Liz Phair, there was Barbara Manning, writing, playing & singing strikingly honest / idiosyncratic music that combined folk, rock, singer-songwriter, noise and pop so effectively that Matador Records said, "We need someone like that on our roster!" (S.F. Seals and Liz Phair both released albums on Matador in 1994, but Barbara had already been releasing albums on various labels for 5 years). If you're just discovering Barbara's music, you have a treat in store. Hot tip: NYCTaper has a 2016 solo show, in great lossless sound quality, HERE.
This classic S.F. Seals album was recorded about
7 months prior to the live set shared here..

Learn more about Barbara Manning's music at Wikipedia, AllMusic & her FB page. Learn more about S.F. Seals' music at AllMusic. Sample & purchase Barbara's music at Bandcamp. Read a great interview with Barbara here.


  1. More S.F. Seals? Yep, got that:

    S.F. Seals
    New York, NY
    May 19, 1995
    (opening for Yo La Tengo)

    soundboard (quality: VG+; occasional slight distortion)

    01 intro / banter
    02 Straw Man
    03 Eights
    04 Pulp
    05 Scissors
    06 Ladies of the Sea
    07 Day 12
    08 Still
    09 Ipecac
    10 band intros
    11 Bold Letters
    12 Soul of Patrick Lee (John Cale cover)
    13 Sympathy Wreath
    14 Don't Underestimate Me
    15 How Did You Know?
    16 S.F. Sorrow Is Born (Pretty Things cover)
    17 Flashback Caruso (Faust cover)
    18 Back Again

    TT: 56 mins.

    S.F. Seals:
    Barbara Manning - guitar, bass, vocals
    Brently Pusser - guitar, vocals
    Margaret Murray - bass, guitar, vocals
    Melanie Clarin - drums, vocals


  2. barbara manning is basically an angel. thank you for posting this.


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