Tuesday, October 10

Grapes of Wrath - Field Trip Demos + Live 2001

'Field Trip' era demos
late 1990s
soundboard recording (quality: Ex-)

13 studio band demos: some song titles known, but many others unknown
Railway Club
Vancouver, Canada
2001 (exact date unknown) 
CBC 'Just Concerts'
FM recording (sound quality VG++)
01 Intro
02 You May Be Right
03 Do You Want To Tell Me
04 Hitchhiker
05 Black Eye
06 Peace of Mind
07 All The Things I Wasn't
08 I Am Here
09 Unsatisfied

ROB SEZ: I know there are GofW fans who frequent the blog, so here are two shares I have, thanks to Don at the old ASH Blog. Thanks also to Binky at the fab Teenage Dogs In Trouble blog, who originally shared the 2001 Canadian Broadcasting Corp. broadcast. Psssst: be sure you aren't missing any other recordings hiding nearby...

ASH Tuesday post #74

This new GofW archival release is just out - excellent!
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  1. Grapes of Wrath
    Amnesty International Benefit 1989
FM recording (sound quality VG+ to VG++)

    01 A Dream

    02 Misunderstanding

    03 Peace Of Mind

    04 And I Know

    05 Didn't You Say Something
06 The Time Is Here (On Stage TV Show 1990)

    07 Peace Of Mind (On Stage TV Show 1990)

    Back when he posted this one at the old ASH blog, Don said:

    A magnificent 28 minutes from the superb Grapes Of Wrath at the height of their powers. The first five are from an Amnesty International Benefit at The Royal Theatre in Victoria in 1989, the final two from Canadian TV, the following year. Truly wonderful, and a massive thanks as always to Mick for this.


  2. Hi Rob...thanks for this post...I remember really liking the first Ginger album "Far Out"....Best...simon

    1. Hey Simon - I have that one, but haven't listened to it yet. Will have to give it a spin...


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