Tuesday, October 24

Icecream Hands - Triple J Live 1999

Live at the Wireless
Triple J Radio
Melbourne, Australia 
Dec. 20, 1999

FM recording (sound quality: VG++)

ROB SEZ: Icecream Hands is yet another under-appreciated Australian band that toiled away in the musical salt mines, crafting excellent but not widely-heard albums in the 1990s and 2000s. Closest musical category for these guys: guitar pop. Here's a superb live set, originally shared by Angelo at Power Pop Criminals. I missed out when it was first posted, but Mick came to my rescue recently (thank you, kind sir!). If you download and give a listen, you'll see why I'm thrilled to have it.

MP3@320 (check the comments section for a cool surprise from billybadbum)
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  1. What a treat, thank you! Anyone unfamiliar with Icecream Hands should have a listen to "Rain Hail Shine" -- power pop perfection.

    1. Agreed! Really too bad they didn't play that one in this live set...

  2. Here's a later Triple J live session from 2002 that includes "Rain Hail + Shine". (I'd compiled it onto a disc that also included the 1999 set, which explains the track numbering - they fit nicely onto a CD together.)
    Mediafire, MP3 @ 320.


    1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this, billy. Much appreciated...


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