Tuesday, January 24

The Foreign Films - Live 2007-2013

Bill Majoros & his collaborators
Live 2007-2013
various locales & recording info  

audience + FM recordings (sound quality GD+ to VG; first batch of these are video rips with sometimes iffy sound quality, and the second set is from a podcast recorded in 2013 with much improved sound)

01 We've Become Ghosts
02 Remember to Forget
03 The Things We Love
04 The Sleepwalker
05 Distant Star
06 Another World Behind the Sun 
07 Kiss Goodnight
08 The Fall of the Summer Heart
      ('first bit')
09 Shadow and the Light
10 The DeLuxe
11 The Record Collector
12 Broken Dreamers
13 Junior Astronomer's Club

Tracks 1-7 = audience recordings posted in 2007 & 2008 (no other info given);
8-13 = Barber Shop Podcast, Hamilton, Ontario, CN Oct. 2013 with Bill Majoros, Kori Pop + Anna Jarvis

ROB SEZ: Here again we have an artist I would never have heard about if not for my pals at the old ASH blog. Foreign Films founder and musical leader Bill Majoros is a blazing talent who writes involved, melodic, occasionally rocking alt. pop. It's for thinking music fans who don't mind leaning in to the music — but the payoff is more than worth the effort. Bill and his collaborators live in and around Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The Foreign Films’ most recent release is a magnum opus called The Record Collector, and 3 of the 4 parts are available HERE, along with many other goodies. (Bill says a complete, deluxe edition is due this spring.) 
The Foreign Films: absolutely worth a listen.

Listen to "Empire of the Night" from The Record Collector
ASH Tuesday post #55


  1. Nice one Rob. Bill is the nicest man in Rock and his current work in The Nines with Steve Eggers is exceptional too.

    1. Thanks, Don. Sounds like it's time to check out what The Nines are up to...

  2. Hi Rob

    Sounds great!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing



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