Tuesday, January 3

Julian Coryell - Live & Rare 1999-2011

KCRW Live Session 1999 +
'Mixed Bag' 2004


Live at the Mint

01 Song for Cynics
02 I Feel Insane
03 Landslide
04 Trying to Get to the Bottom
05 Someday
06 I Wish I Hadn't Done 
     What I Did 
07 Control
08 I Shouldn't Have Told You
09 Going to California (live)
10 Adam & Eve
Note: tracks 1-8 = Live at the Mint; last two are bonus tracks

ROB SEZ: Mick, my fellow blogger & musical colleague, has a knack for finding great music I've never heard of. Julian Coryell is the son of Larry Coryell, an acclaimed jazz guitarist. Julian says he likes rock and pop as well as jazz, and has made albums reflecting his diverse interests. If you enjoy adventurous alt-pop along the lines of Jason Falkner, I recommend you check out Julian Coryell. BIG THANKS to Mick for another musical discovery and to Don at the old ASH blog.

ASH Tuesday post #54

Learn more about the music of Julian Coryell at his web site, Wikipedia and AllMusic


  1. Hi

    Great stuff. Did not know this guy!!



    1. Me neither! Amazing & fun to live in the Internet age so we get to make these discoveries...


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