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Phonograph - Demos & Outtakes 1995-2002

Demos & Outtakes
various locales & recording info
soundboard recordings (sound quality VG to VG++)
Phonograph: some of the best alt. pop you've probably never heard
SAMPLE: "Keep It Together (band demo 2000)"

01 My Oh My (outtake 2001)
PAUL CAMPBELL:  eating the mic cover, filming a video
02 I Got You (demo 2002)
03 Losing My Nerve 
      (EMI audition 2001) 
04 Some Strange Fantastical Way 
      (prev. unreleased recording 2002)
05 She's Not Out of the Picture 
      (prev. unreleased recording 2002)
06 She Knows It (demo 2000)
07 Keep It Together
      (band demo 2000) 
08 Make It All Be Different In 
     the End (demo 2002)
09 She's Not Out of the Picture 
      (demo 2001)
10 Satellite (demo 1998)
11 My Friend (demo 1996)
12 Don't Make It the Last Goodbye
      (demo 1998)
13 Waiting for the Sun (demo 2000)
14 When She Shines (band demo 1995)*
15 Now I See It All Through Your Eyes (band demo 1996)*
16 The Back Seat of My Mind (band demo 1995)*
Phonograph co-leaders: Terence O'Mahony & Paul Campbell (right)
TT: 53 mins.

*Final three tracks are demos for Paul Campbell's earlier band The Highliners (no relation 
to the UK psychobilly outfit of the same name). As usual, detailed recording info for each 
track can be found in the Comments file tag.

ROB SEZ: How amazing is it to live in the Internet age and be able to discover music like 
this?!? London area band Phonograph recorded Volume 1, its one & only album in 2001 — 
featuring shades of Paul McCartney, Badfinger and Beatle-esque harmonies. Bewilderingly, 
the album went unreleased until 2014 (even still, none of the usual outlets 
seem to know about it). Musical friend & blog colleague Don recommended the album, 
which led me on a treasure hunt for ROIOs to share here. Not quite an ASH Tuesday post, 
but almost...

TREMENDOUS THANKS to Paul Campbell for sharing his archives with the fans!

Phonograph's one & only album: Volume 1
*recorded in 2001 & finally released in 2014* 
Listen to every track & buy the album HERE
Learn more about the music of Phonograph at the band's FB page; read a review of the album HERE 



  1. Hi

    Great Songs from a great band.

    thanks for sharing!!


  2. This is such a good album. A genuine classic.

  3. Hi,
    Just seen this review posted on the bands facebook page and don't understand something.
    The Volume 1 album I have has a lot of different tracks that are not mentioned in your list (Hangin around, Maheema, Don't bring me down amonst others) but doesn't have many of the tracks you list.

    Is there also an album available only with demo's?



    1. Hello Lee - No, there is no "album" other than Vol. 1. But if you download the share I've posted, you'll have a kind of companion to the album! Enjoy...


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