Friday, January 6

Soft Boys - Hoboken, N.J. 1980 + Live 2001-'02

Hoboken, N.J.
Sept. 6, 1980

audience recording (VG; club show, with plusses outweighing the minuses by a solid margin) 

01 Kingdom of Love
02 Out of the Picture
03 Zip Zip
04 Human Music
05 I Wanna Destroy You
06 Only the Stones Remain 
07 Leppo & the Jooves
08 Queen of Eyes
09 There's Nobody Like You
10 Underwater Moonlight
11 Insanely Jealous
12 Astronomy Domine

ROB SEZ: I purchased this recently as a silver (pressed) boot. I transferred the files losslessly, then used Audacity to tidy them up, applying fades & enough eq to remove the uncomfortable tinny-ness that first greeted my ears. To compensate for the not-quite-ideal result, I’ve added the following two live radio sessions from 2001 and 2002. I recorded, transferred, tracked, & eq’d them for your listening pleasure. (Notice the lack of track duplication with the MBE sessions, though just 19 months apart.) If you've never had the pleasure, I highly recommend reading Kimberley Rew's eyewitness account of the Soft Boys. I have a few more Soft Boys sets I can share, but some encouraging comments will be helpful if you really want 'em...

Front Man Syndrome: does Robyn ever get tired of being the only guy in the photo?

‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ with Nic Harcourt
Robyn has company this time, thanks to the Soft Boys
Santa Monica, CA
April 9, 2001
(broadcast date)
What an amazing radio station. Thanks, KCRW...

web stream (sound quality VG+ to VG++) 

01 intro
02 Kingdom of Love
03 Old Pervert
04 My Mind Is Connected 
     to Your Dreams
05 I Wanna Destroy You
06 interview
07 Sudden Town
08 Underwater Moonlight
09 The Face of Death
10 Pulse of My Heart
11 outro

Nov. 4, 2002 (broadcast date)
[all other info same as above]

01 intro
02 Queen of Eyes
03 Unprotected Love
04 Chinese Bones
05 Seven-Winged Bat 
06 interview
07 Narcissus
08 La Cherité
09 song intro + tuning
10 If You Know Time
11 final chat

Sample the tasty musical madness of the Soft Boys here (1980 live clip)
Learn more about the Soft Boys' music at 


  1. Thanks for sharing the Soft Boys - I've been exploring them more through the Robyn Hitchcock connection! If you have the "Soft Boys - 2001 - Various Live" collection I saw had been shared online elsewhere a while back I'd love to hear that! Thanks either way for your shares on your blog (incidentally I seem to have found a way to access the Robyn Hitchcock Radio Sessions files in the end! :)).


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