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Marti Jones - Washington, D.C. 2002 (with strings!)

with Elegy string quartet 
The Birchmere
Washington, D.C.
March 28, 2002

digital soundboard (quality Ex; my highest rating for a live recording)

SAMPLE: "Tourist Town" (live 2002)

01  instrumental --> 
Marti performing in Greensboro, N.C. in 2012
photo by fred babyflo
      (I Love the Sound of) 
      Breaking Glass
02  Keep Me In the Dark
03  Innocent Kiss
04  Once In a While
05  Any Kind of Lie
06  Always
07  Cliche
08  I'm So Lonesome 
      I Could Fly 
09  Shared Sadness
10  Lonely Is As Lonely Does
11  Lifeboat
12  Not What I Want
13  One Shade Darker
14  Whenever You're 
      On My Mind
15  Tourist Town
16  Follow You All Over the World

ROB SEZ: Two of my favorite dB's-related artists are Marti Jones and her husband, Don Dixon (the same Don Dixon who co-produced R.E.M.'s first two albums with Mitch Easter). Here's a swoon-worthy live show by Marti with a string quartet along for the ride. It's from a pristine digital soundboard source, courtesy of lilpanda — a massive fan of Marti and Don's music.
REPERCUSSION: When Marti and Don were working on Marti's first solo album Unsophisticated Time, they chose two Peter Holsapple compositions to cover: "Neverland" & "Lonely Is as Lonely Does" (a song she covers in this set also). Surf over to Marti & Don's FB page to enjoy a recent beachside photo with Marti, Dixon, Peter H. & Kim Richey.

Marti's latest album is You're Not the Bossa Me (it's excellent!)
Stream it HERE; buy it HERE

FLAC (lossless files; these are not tagged, unlike the above MP3 set...)

Learn more about the music (and artwork!) 
of Marti Jones at her & Don's FB page, AllMusic 
and Marti's art site

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