Tuesday, August 4

Dave Edmunds - Philadelphia 1986 (sbd)

Chestnut Cabaret
Philadelphia, PA
July 12, 1986

soundboard recording

ROB SEZ: I think a blog like this should have a little Dave Edmunds on offer, don't you?

01 Intro - Crawling from the Wreckage

02 Your True Love

03 I Knew the Bride

04 Girls Talk

05 Dear Dad

06 Nobody

07 Singing the Blues

08 The Wanderer

09 It's My Own Business

10 You Ain't Nothin' But Fine

11 I Hear You Knocking

12 I'm Ready

13 Juju Man

14 It Wasn't Me

15 Back In the USA

16 Let's Talk About Us

Dave Edmunds - guitar & vocals
Geraint Watkins - keybords & vocals
Mickey G - guitar & vocals
John David - bass
Dave Charles - drums

This is ASH Tuesday post #6

Much thanks to Don at the old ASH blog for sharing this one ‘back in the day’!



  1. Absolutely need some Dave Edmunds! Tahnks. Wish he would come over for some US shows.

  2. Thanks a lot
    Have a nice day


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