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Lloyd Cole & Commotions - Live 1984-'85

The Paradiso
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
December 6, 1984

FM broadcast (sound quality: Ex-; transfer from master tape)

LC & THE COMMOTIONS: on the set of the 'Rattlesnakes' video shoot

LLOYD COLE has new photos at his revamped web site
01 Perfect Skin
02 Down On Mission Street
03 Charlotte Street
04 Are You Ready to 
     Be Heartbroken?
05 Four Flights Up
06 Rattlesnakes
07 Perfect Blue
08 Speedboat

BIG-TIME THANKS to frankvink for recording & sharing this one. Thanks also to the Live Bootleg Concerts blog, my source for the fine set below. Visit LBC for more quality ROIOs.

Hammersmith Odeon
London, UK
Sept. 1, 1985

FM broadcast (sound quality: VG++) 

Before the wheels came off: Lloyd Cole & Co., in happier times
01 Charlotte Street
02 Down On
     Mission Street
03 Why I Love 
     Country Music 
04 Rattlesnake
05 Minor Character
06 Brand New 
07 Grace
08 Four Flights Up
09 Are You Ready
     to Be Heart-
10 Speedboat
11 2CV
12 Forest Fire
13 Pretty Gone
14 Perfect Skin

errata: title for track 13 needs to be corrected in the file tag

ROB SEZ: With the snazzy new Lloyd Cole & The Commotions boxed set just out, I thought it'd be a good time to dust off some vintage LC & Cs shows. These guys weren't exactly the most consistent live act, but the two sets I'm sharing are exceptional performance-wise, and both sound great.

The boxed set contains all 3 original LPs remastered, plus 2 bonus discs, a DVD, glossy hard-bound book and postcard/poster set. Here's a previously unreleased outtake, "Everyone's Complaining":



  1. EVERYONE can use a little more Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, right?!?

    Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
    Werchter Festival
    Werchter, Belgium

    FM broadcast (sound quality VG+; transfer from master recording)

    01 Rattlesnakes
    02 Perfect Skin
    03 Grace
    04 Patience
    05 James
    06 Charlotte Street
    07 Forest Fire


    Yet more thanks to frankvink!

  2. interesting site (good job and presentation ), i'm not a fool of the 80' but there was some good bands too . I'm just curious ...
    thanks a lot
    good luck

    1. Cheers, unknown. If you're not a "fool" for 1980s bands, you've picked a great one. Lloyd Cole is one of the best, and still making great music.


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