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Sneetches - San Francisco 1991 (FM)

Great American Music Hall
San Fracisco, CA
Sept. 1991

FM recording (sound quality VG++)
The Sneetches were active from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s.
As some of our friends might say, 'THEY SHOULD'VE BEEN MASSIVE'.
ROB SEZ: Don’t know the music of the Sneetches? Well, if I may be so finger-waggy-pushy, YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD! They’re amazing, shoulda been huge, and what the heck was the world thinkin’ not to make these guys stars?!? The tunes, talent, musical energy, and “holy crap, where have these guys been all my life?” reaction — it’s all there. I was gonna make this an ASH Tuesday post, but decided it really deserves a higher profile.

ALL THANKS & PRAISE to MICK, who first created this lovely share and accompanying artwork, and Don at the old ASH blog for sharing it way back when. (Thanks also to M-----l for the corrected setlist.)

01 Love Comes My Way
02 Saving It For Me
03 They Keep Me Running
04 Julianna Why
05 Feast Your Eyes
06 Come Along With Me
07 Unusual Sounds
08 Looking For Something
09 Try to Make It All Work
10 Wish You Would
11 Voice in My Head
12 This Time
13 It's Looking Like Me
14 Heloise
15 Caroline Goodbye  

      (Colin Blunstone cover)
16 I Need Someone
17 The Shame Just 

     Drained (Easybeats cover)
18 Pretty Girl

      (Easybeats cover)

19 Love Comes My Way
20 Heloise
21 Voice In My Head

Tracks 19-21 = Live at CBGB, NYC, July 1990 (New Music Seminar showcase). Sound quality = VG-

Matt Carges
Mike Levy
Alec Palao
Daniel Swan
Learn more about the music of
The Sneetches at Trouser Press or Wikipedia



  1. Came across your site. Looks interesting, but do you know how hard it is to read anything with the band image tiled in the background? Massively distracting.

    1. Try adjusting your brightness and/or screen resolution. Seems to work for the few people who've had that problem in the 3 years I've had the blog...

  2. Thanks so much for the Sneetches. I saw them live many times back in the day.

  3. I've spent the last two weeks trying to figure out the origins of that fifth song, "Feast Your Eyes". It bothers me more than it probably should because I'm currently the keeper the internet's largest list of "ba-ba songs" and I'd really like to track down a proper studio version of the song for my collection. I don't think it's a Sneetches original, but I can't place it with another band. It's a mystery, I guess.

    Despite not being able to figure out where "Feast Your Eyes" comes from, I have listened to the San Francisco show many times now and tracked down accurate titles for the rest of the setlist (which had a few mistakes in it). Here they are, if you're interested in updating the files or your post:

    1. Love Comes My Way
    2. Saving It For Me
    3. They Keep Me Running
    4. Julianna Why
    5. Feast Your Eyes
    6. Come Along With Me
    7. Unusual Sounds
    8. Looking For Something
    9. Try to Make It All Work
    10. Wish You Would
    11. Voice in My Head
    12. This Time
    13. It's Looking Like Me
    14. Heloise
    15. Caroline Goodbye (Colin Blunstone cover)
    16. I Need Someone
    17. The Shame Just Drained (Easybeats cover)
    18. Pretty Girl (Easybeats cover)

    I especially enjoyed the cover songs that close out the show. Although the Sneetches recorded studio versions of "Caroline Goodbye" and "Pretty Girl", I don't think they ever released a version of "The Shame Just Drained". It's even kind of hard to find the Easybeats original version of that song. Those covers and "Feast Your Eyes" are probably my favorites from this show, but I've enjoyed listening to the entire thing. Thanks a lot for posting it. Keep up the good work.

    1. You bet, M--------l. Thanks for your contribution to the post with this updated setlist.

      And if anyone out there can help with more info about "Feast Your Eyes", please leave a comment here...

  4. THANK YOU!!
    Incidentally, there's video of tracks 19 - 21 to be found on YouTube, albeit with annoying gaps/skips in the audio.

  5. Thanks so much for this stuff. Pretty sure the CBGB's gig was the one I saw during the New Music Seminar July 1990 (was living in NYC then). I'm one of the tall shadows in the crowd. They were incredible that night. Only time I ever got to see them!

  6. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the post and all the kind words. I just thought I'd mention that "Feast Your Eyes" was a song we did in fact write and record as a demo but it never got any farther than that. It sounds like we are attempting to play it for the first time (along with some others that would later appear on Blow Out The Sun).

    Anyway, thanks for listening!


    1. Thanks for the info & your comment, Mike. M--------l is gonna be thrilled to get the info about "Feast Your Eyes" (mebbe he can get some sleep now...)

      Pardon my ignorance, but are you still pursuing music in some way, shape or form?

    2. Well, I get song ideas in my head all of the time and if it's something I like, I'll put it down on cassette. My daughter & I sing and write silly tunes together so I do play in that regard. Other than that, I had started working on a follow up to "Fireflies" but put it on hold after she was born. I do intend to finish it in the near future. Thanks for asking.

    3. Wuh? ... I'm embarrassed to say I did not know about your solo album (highly-rated at AllMusic, I see). I'm much LESS embarrassed to say I just ordered a Japanese copy so I can hear the bonus tracks!

      Please do work on that follow-up when you can. Many of us will be looking forward to hearing it. Meanwhile, enjoy your family, Mike.

    4. Thanks, hope you enjoy it. BTW, I noticed there is a photo on the All Music page but that appears to be another "Mike Levy". Kind of looks more like my Uncle!

    5. Ha! If you look up yourself at, you'll notice there's a bunch of "Mike Levy"'s listed. Took me a little while to find you & your solo album...


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