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Continental Drifters - 1994 + 2000

Mountain Stage 1994 + 2000
& ‘Songs of the Century’ Dec. 2000

FM recordings (quality range Ex- to VG; ‘Songs of the Century’ segment was not the best-sounding capture, but I eq’d the version I received to remove excess sibilance and it’s much more listenable now)

SAMPLE: "Desperate Love"

Mountain Stage
Charleston, WV
Oct. 30, 1994
01 Get Over It
02 Desperate Love       
03 Mezzanine
04 Mixed Messages      
05 Daddy Just Wants It
     to Rain
06 A Little More Time
07 Who We Are, 
     Where We Live^ 

Mountain Stage
Charleston, WV
Oct. 29, 2000
08 Don't Do What I Did
09 Watermark
10 I'm a Dreamer  
     (Sandy Denny cover)
11 Daddy Just Wants It 
     to Rain
12 You're Going to 
     Need Somebody 
     (R. Thompson cover)

‘Songs of the Century’
Fresh Air w/Terry Gross
Philadelphia, PA
December 2000
01 Be My Baby (Ronettes cover)
02 chat 1
03 Dedicated to the One I Love
artwork incl., but it doesn't match all trax
      (Mamas & the Papas cover)
04 chat 2
05 Watermark
06 chat 3
07 chat 4
08 End of the World
     (Skeeter Davis cover)
09 chat 5
10 chat 6*
11 Brother Can You 
     Spare a Dime?*
12 chat 7*
13 Town Without Pity
     (Gene Pitney cover)
14 chat 8*

^In the original 1994 broadcast, "Turn Back the Hands of Time" was the last song played. But it appears on the newly-released archival compilation (see below), so is not included here.

*Tracks 10-14 = Marshall Crenshaw live in-studio performances and interview with Terry Gross

REPERCUSSION: Peter Holsapple joined the Continental Drifters in the early 1990s after The dB's were kaput, and he stayed with the group until it disbanded circa 2003. While they were active, the Drifters recorded several of Peter's songs, so if you enjoy his singing and songwriting, these albums are definitely worth seeking out. Peter told the LA Times recently, “I believe that this was a band who were the very illustration of a shattering live experience, the embodiment of a force majeure, a family-style drinking society of impavid* proportions, and purveyors of some of the sweetest harmony songs of its decade.” *(“impavid” = fearless, adventurous, daring -- say, Peter, did you get out your thesaurus for that one?!?)


SPECIAL THANKS to Dierk, Jefft and all the tapers & sharers

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Continental Drifters retrospective
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  1. For Marshall Crenshaw in the second part of Fresh Air's 'Songs of the Century' special, his second song was Gene Pitney's A Town Without Pity.

    1. Right you are, D. Thanks for pointing that out. Just made the change. And I just noticed the title of the zip file says one of the Drifters shows was in the year 20,000!!


  2. I had a tape of the NPR interview starting AFTER Be My Baby and without the last Drifters song not included here ... but with Marshall as well. Wonder if it was a rebroadcast. Digitized it long ago, it's always been a favorite


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